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Blackwing388, Blackwing, or simply Blacky or Black, is a stapled username in many games and profiles, such as; Diablo II, MSN/Hotmail, MySpace, Diablofans, and now seldomly used, Runescape. More commonly known in Diablo II though, Roflchopper. I have an Hdin (Roflchopper), Smiter (RoflchopperII), Zealer (RoflchopperIII), and an Auradin (RoflchopperIV).

Origin of the nameEdit

The name was chosen in the year 2004, and was first created on the MMORPG RuneScape. I now use it universally for any and all programs, profiles, games, clubs, guilds and clans, and numerous others. I had actually made a clan, and a clan website when I used to play RuneScape, and it can be found at [1]. The clan prospered at first, but became overall slothful and uneventful. I eventually resigned as their leader, and left Co-Leader in charge. The clan became dead and people lost interest. I eventually got back into playing Diablo II after playing on a friends account when I was very young. Anyone can add me on Diablo II, / f add Blackwing388, or whisper me at / w *Blackwing388.

Current updatesEdit

JOIN DiabloFans. Say Blackwing referred you if you want. The name Blackwing388 will be used in the up-coming game; Diablo III.Blackwing388 00:57, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

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