Things to DoEdit

  • Check that all icons are uniform and clean.
  • Add Portraits to any NPCs that are missing them.
  • Uploading portraits, in a uniformed manner: dimensions, file format, approximate file size, and naming system.
  • Create new Game Template images.

Quick LinksEdit

Game TemplatesEdit

Diablo1 Template Hellfire Template Diablo2 Template

Diablo2LOD Template Diablo3 Template Diablo3ROS Template

Diablo 1Edit


D1 Warrior Portrait D1 Rogue Portrait

D1 Sorcerer Portrait D1 Monk Portrait


Diablo I Diablo portrait Lazarus D1 Portrait

Diablo 2Edit


Amazon portrait Barbarian portrait Necromancer Face

Paladin portrait Sorceress portrait

Assassin portrait Druid portrait


Diablo D2 Portrait Mephisto D2 Portrait Baal D2 Portrait Andariel D2 Portrait Duriel

Diablo 3Edit


BarbarianFemale Portrait BarbarianMale Portrait CrusaderFemale Portrait CrusaderMale Portrait DemonHunterFemale Portrait DemonHunterMale Portrait

MonkFemale Portrait MonkMale Portrait WitchDoctorFemale Portrait WitchDoctorMale Portrait WizardFemale Portrait WizardMale Portrait


FollowerEnchantress Portrait FollowerScoundrel Portrait FollowerTemplar Portrait


Alzarius Portrait Auriel Portrait DeathMaiden Portrait Imperius Portrait Inarius Portrait Itherael Portrait

Malthael Portrait AngelProphet Portrait AngelScout Portrait Tyrael Portrait Urzael1 Portrait Urzael2 Portrait


Mephisto Portrait Baal Portrait Diablo Portrait Azmodan Portrait Belial Portrait

Lilith Portrait Cydaea Portrait Maghda Portrait Ghom Portrait

Ghosts & SpiritsEdit

GhostCowKing Portrait GhostFemale Portrait GhostMale1a Portrait GhostMale1b Portrait GhostHalbu Portrait

SpiritMale1 Portrait SpiritMale2 Portrait SpiritMale3 Portrait SpiritMale4 Portrait SpiritFemale1a Portrait SpiritFemale1b Portrait SpiritFemale2 Portrait SpiritFemale3 Portrait


Gargantuan Portrait Mongrel Portrait Skull Portrait Spider Portrait Warthog Portrait Wolf Portrait

CultistSummonerOrange Portrait CultistSummonerPurple Portrait CultistSummonerRed Portrait CultistSummonerYellow Portrait CultistZealotOrange Portrait CultistZealotPurple Portrait CultistZealotRed Portrait CultistZealotYellow Portrait



AbdalHazir Portrait AdriaDemon Portrait Adria Portrait Asheara Portrait Cain Portrait CovetousShen Portrait Derric Portrait Desoto Portrait

Dixon Portrait Emily Portrait GeneralTorion Portrait IbenFahd Portrait Kadala Portrait KingKanai Portrait KingLeoric Portrait KingLeoricSkeleton Portrait

Lachdanan Portrait Leah Portrait Lysa Portrait Necromancer1 Portrait Necromancer2 Portrait Nek Portrait Rakkis Portrait

QueenAsylla Portrait QueenAsyllaGhost Portrait TyraelStranger Portrait Warriv Portrait ZoltunKulle Portrait ZoltunKulleGhost Portrait


GuardBastion1a Portrait GuardBastion1b Portrait GuardBastion2a Portrait GuardBastion2b Portrait GuardBastion3 Portrait

GuardCaptainTristram Portrait GuardTristram1 Portrait GuardTristram2 Portrait GuardTristram3 Portrait GuardTristram4 Portrait

GuardRed1a Portrait GuardRed1b Portrait GuardRed1c Portrait GuardRed2 Portrait GuardRed3 Portrait

GuardCaldeumPurple Portrait GuardCaldeumRed Portrait IronWolfCaptain1 Portrait IronWolfCaptain2 Portrait


Archbishop Portrait MaleBald Portrait MaleBlacksmith Portrait MaleCaldeum1 Portrait MaleCaldeum2a Portrait MaleCaldeum2b Portrait MaleCaldeum3 Portrait MaleCaldeumTortured1 Portrait MaleCaldeumTortured2 Portrait MaleCaldeumTortured3 Portrait MaleCaldeumWealthy Portrait MaleCaravanLeader Portrait MaleCloaked Portrait MaleCrazed Portrait Male1 Portrait Male2 Portrait Male3 Portrait Male4 Portrait Male5a Portrait Male5b Portrait Male6 Portrait MaleRedhead Portrait FerryMan Portrait Hermit Portrait Hooded Portrait Lord1 Portrait Lord2 Portrait Mayor Portrait Miner Portrait MaleOld Portrait Priest Portrait Templar1 Portrait Templar2 Portrait TemplarImprisoned Portrait MaleZakarum1 Portrait


Female1a Portrait Female1b Portrait Female2 Portrait Female3 Portrait Female4 Portrait Female5 Portrait Female6 Portrait

Female7 Portrait Female8 Portrait Female9 Portrait Mystic1 Portrait Mystic2 Portrait FemaleZakarum1 Portrait FemaleZakarum2 Portrait


ChildBoy Portrait ChildGirl 1 Portrait ChildGirl 2 Portrait ChildHakan Portrait

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