Urzael's Journal is a three-part tome found in Act V of Diablo III written by Urzael. Obtaining all parts of the journal will add to the People Finder achievement.

They read as follows:

Part 1Edit

Part 1 is located in a satchel in the entrance area of the Westmarch Commons. It reads as follows:

After years of my pleading, the Angiris Council has finally agreed to send me in search of Malthael. I will not fail in this, as my master's presence is sorely needed in the High Heavens. Owing to Malthael's growing fascination with the humans, Tyrael has suggested I begin my search on Sanctuary

Part 2Edit

Part 2 is located in a satchel in the Gideon's Row entrance area. It reads as follows:

I did not find Malthael on Sanctuary. But I did find humans, far too many of them. They murder and cheat one another while allowing their brothers to starve. If their true power is ever released we are all doomed. They have a choice between good and evil, and they overwhelmingly choose evil.

Part 3Edit

Part 3 is located in a satchel in the exit area of Gideons Road. It reads as follows:

I grew disgusted by humanity during my time on Sanctuary. When at last I found Malthael, I was not surprised to learn that he felt the same way. We will cleanse creation of the scourge that is humankind, and when we are finished, the tragic mistake of Inarius will be gone.

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