Urik the seer fireball

Urik the Seer, Prophet of Torture, is a Super Unique Dark Summoner in Diablo III, found in the Khazra Den. Tasked with protecting one of the sword shards by Maghda herself, he is eventually killed by the player. In Adventure Mode, he only appears if Clear the Khazra Den Bounty is not active.

In combat, he has Electrified and Thunderstorm affixes, and is assisted by numerous other Cultists. In addition, unlike regular Summoners, he can summon as many Hellions at a time as he wishes (although he has a cooldown).

From notes of his found within the "Cave of the Moon Clan" in the Southern Highlands it is revealed that he was tasked by Maghda to enslave the Moon Clan Khazra, and that while he disapproved of his task at first, he completed it in the end by using dark magic to rile up their bloodlust.

Notes of Urik the Seer:Edit

"'Long have I labored to master the Dark Arts. Now I finally reap the rewards, for Maghda has acknowledged me! She promised me a special task that will bring endless glory to the Great One. I can hardly rest until she reveals it on the morrow!"

"Goatmen! All of my labors were for a bunch of rotten, stinking goatmen. Maghda claims they will become our most valueable allies and that the task is one that she can entrust to no one but me, but I know my place. I am most bruisingly humbled."

"Enslaving the goatmen was easier than I anticipated. My magic seemed to reignite the savagery deep within them, and they flocked to me in hordes. A few escaped -those who understood the fate of their people- but they are too weak to counter my spells. The Moon clan attacks at my command!"

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