"Mummies see all existence as a shroud. They try to unravel it to see the corpse of truth inside."

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Unraveller (Diablo II)

The Unraveller

The Unraveller is the strongest variant of the Greater Mummy that can be found in Act II. It can be found in Tal Rasha's Tomb.


Unravellers almost always spawn with Burning Dead minions. One of the best ways to deal with them and their minions is to locate where an Unraveller is in the chamber and destroy it first, ignoring its minions. Players should be warned when more than one is in the chamber, the danger of death is very high.

The unique version of the Unraveller often spawns with the Multiple Shots special ability. Players should be especially careful when facing this enemy. Normal Unravellers deal an unusually high amount of magic damage, and the Multiple Shots variant has been known to kill even the strongest adventurers with just two or three hits.

The Unraveller also uses the anti-living spell, Unholy Bolt and the signature Poison Cloud attack. They also pack a mean punch with their long blades when the player character gets within melee range.

The Unraveller has Cold and magic immunity in Hell difficulty.

Statistics TableEdit

Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 20 49 80
Experience 408 18558 133200
Hit Points 140-172 1645-2032 7148-11774
Melee Attack 1 16-20 45-57 100-127
Attack Rating 1 185 1555 5148
Melee Attack 2 16-20 45-57 100-127
Attack Rating 2 185 1555 5148
Defense 102 820 1875
% to Block 0 15 33
Damage Resist 0 0 33
Magic Resist 0 50 100
Fire Resist 0 0 20
Cold Resist 0 0 100
Lightning Resist 0 0 20
Poison Resist 50 50 50
Drain Effectiveness 100 66 33
Immunities - - Magic/Cold
Chill Effectiveness 50 33 25


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