A Greater Mummy casting Unholy Bolt.

The Unholy Bolt is a monster-exclusive Spell that is used by Greater Mummies against their foes. It is the polar opposite of the Paladin Skill, the Holy Bolt in both graphics and mechanics.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Unholy Bolt is used as the primary ranged attack of Greater Mummies who are usually shielded behind various Undead monsters like Skeletons and Lesser Mummies.

The Greater Mummy conjures a sphere composed entirely of dark energies that acts exactly opposite to the Paladin Skill, Holy Bolt. It does damage against living players and also heals the Undead Minions of the Greater Mummy. Although the Unholy Bolt can heal, this function is not used on purpose by Greater Mummies, as they use them as a ranged attack against the player. However, the projectiles often pass through minions while moving towards the player, healing them anyway.

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