Umbral Disk is a unique Small Shield from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

An early level unique item, Umbral Disk is particularly useful in early game (like Act I of Normal difficulty), and may outlive its usefulness later.

Due to its increased chance to block, almost any character class can have a maximum of 75% chance of blocking when using the Umbral Disk. This is very useful for deflecting damage and increasing any character's defensive prowess.

Umbral Disk also Blinds targets. This is particularly useful as an escape strategy: blinding enemies will make them unaware of you if you are far enough away from them, so theoretically a character could hit a series of enemies while equipping Umbral Disk, then run under the cover of their blindness.

However, as its name implies, Umbral Disk also reduces a character's Light Radius. This is not very useful for ranged attackers, so Spellcasters may not find Umbral Disk to their liking.

Umbral Disk gives bonuses to Life and Dexterity, albeit not high ones. However, an increased Dexterity could go hand in hand with Umbral Disk's enhanced defense, giving a character a higher defensive edge.



Umbral Disk
Small Shield

Defense: 45-46
Required Level: 9
Required Strength: 22
Durability: 26-31
Chance to Block:

Paladin Smite Damage: 2 To 3
+40-50% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense
30% Increased Chance to Block
Hit Blinds Target (Same effect as Dim Vision)
+20 To Life
+10 To Dexterity
-2 To Light Radius
+10-15 Durability

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