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Uliana's Stratagem

Uliana's Stratagem

Uliana's Stratagem is a Monk class set for Diablo III, released in Patch 2.3.0.

It only drops on Torment difficulty, and only at level 70.

The set is named after Uliana, the exiled Monk of Ivgorod.


The set consists of six pieces. All six can only be equipped and transmogrified by Monks.

Set Bonus:

  • Every third hit of Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm (2 pieces)
  • Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% of its total damage with each hit. All damage taken is reduced by 77% for 7 seconds after applying Exploding Palm to an enemy (4 pieces)
  • Increases damage of Exploding Palm by 9000%, and Seven-Sided Strike detonates Exploding Palm on hit (6 pieces)

The first bonus only applies to Primary skills. However, it works regardless of Proc Coefficient: all enemies hit by combo attack will suffer Exploding Palm.

The second bonus is especially deadly when coupled with Lion's Claw, which adds +7 more hits. The defensive bonus does not stack, but refreshes on any application of Exploding Palm, direct or indirect.

The third bonus detonates Exploding Palm without the enemy needing to be dead. And coupling this set with Madstone will also cause Exploding Palm to be applied on each hit of Seven-Sided Strike. In that case, an enemy unaffected by Exploding Palm will immediately gain it, and then detonate, even if they are not yet dead. Also with Gungdo Gear Exploding palm will be reapplied to any enemy who isn't affected by Exploding Palm within the radius of Exploding Palms detonation, thus it's more useful than Madstone.

Damage buff of the last bonus is multiplicative and applies to the Bleed effect itself and to the explosion.

For maximum effect, one may use In-Geom, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Leoric's Crown with a Marquise Gem or stack as much as possible cooldown reduction with appropriate gear and skills to keep the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike as low as possible.

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