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Uliana was a Monk of Ivgorod who departed the order to wander Sanctuary. The ferocity of her unrelenting attacks was often compared to that of a lion.[1]


Faith and Exile[]

Uliana was the first Monk of Ivgorod to venture out amongst the laymen while retaining her status. In her time, Monks were forbidden to leave the monasteries, with their forms being used solely to commune with the gods.[2] While traveling in Aranoch,[3] her beliefs were forever altered when she was attacked on the road by demons; beings she believed to be agents of the gods of chaos, if not the gods themselves. She had never imagined beings of such horror could actually exist.[4] After her encounter with the creatures, Uliana became obsessed with defeating the gods of chaos, and, to this end, began adapting the forms of the Veradani towards the martial style every Monk is familiar with today.[3]

Uliana’s passion to defeat the gods of chaos drew the ire of the Patriarchs, for a Monk was to seek balance in all things.[5] Furthermore, she questioned the orthodoxy that the gods were actual beings, asking if they might not instead be metaphors to guide the Monks' spiritual development. For her temerity, she was ordered to wander the world and seek repentance.[6] However, she was unable to view her exile as punishment, as she firmly believed the monks’ true calling was to inspire the masses, not lock themselves away.[7] She disappeared shortly after her excommunication, never to be seen again, swearing to eradicate all agents of chaos for the good of all mankind.[5] A belt was all that was ever found of her after her disappearance.[8]


Uliana's story was recorded in Histories of the Veradani.[5]. The martial style she developed continues to be used by the Monks of Ivgorod.[3]


Uliana is the lore-basis of the Uliana's Stratagem item set. She is further referenced in the Binding of the Lost and the Lion's Claw.


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  • As with many Ivgorod inhabitants, Uliana's name is actual Russian first name (Ульяна, sometimes transcribed Ul'jana), derived from Latin name Julianna (a female form of Julius).