Typhon's Claws are a piece of Gloves of the The Typhon's Veil Set in Diablo III.

They only drop at Character Level 70, and only on Torment Difficulty. Note that they can only be worn by Wizards.

Stats (Level 70)[edit | edit source]


Typhon's Claws
Set Gloves

  • 513-590 Armor


Set Bonuses:

  • Doubles the duration of Hydras and increases the number of heads on multi-headed Hydras by two (2 pieces)
  • Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive, as long as there is one left. Each time you take damage, a Hydra head dies, but not more than once every 2 seconds (4 pieces)
  • Hydras deal 2000% increased damage for each Hydra head alive (6 pieces)

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