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Two-Handed is a characteristic of weapon types in all Diablo games. It is often abbreviated as 2H.

A character may only equip weapons and off-hand items into two hands, and two-handed weapons occupy both. In most cases it means that no other weapons, Shields or off-hand items may be equipped together with a two-handed weapon, though there are some exceptions:

A general rule is that two-handed weapons deal a higher amount of damage, and can roll higher total stat bonuses for the slot, but suffer from a slower attack speed.

Generally, Bows, Crossbows, and Staves are always two-handed, although in Diablo III Demon Hunters can use one-handed Hand Crossbows.

Wands, Daggers, Hand Crossbows, Javelins, Scepters, Ceremonial Knives, Fist Weapons, Throwing Weapons, Sorceress Orbs and Katars are always one-handed and do not exist in two-handed variants. In Diablo III, Spears are also one-handed only.

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