"Large maces and clubs have a wide swinging arc, and are often weighted with immense crowns. They are among the most ponderous of weapons, but successful strikes will crush enemies to powder."

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Two-Handed Maces are a larger type of maces introduced in Diablo III. Any heavy blunt weapon that uses its sheer mass is included into this class: that is their difference from Staves, which are lighter and require agility rather than strength. All classes may use Two-Handed Maces, except Demon Hunters.

Two-Handed Maces are even slower than Two-Handed Axes, and sometimes than Polearms, but deal the highest damage of them all. Unlike Diablo II, they are no longer dealing bonus damage to Undead.

Staves, Two-Handed Axes and Two-Handed Maces can all be transmogrified to each other.

Crusaders have their own type of Two-Handed Maces called Two-Handed Flails, and some of the Two-Handed Mighty Weapons are shaped like enormous Two-Handed Maces.

While two-handed weapons labeled "mace class" existed in Diablo II, those were actually hammers.

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