Tukam the Jade Harvester was an Umbaru Witch Doctor and famed warrior who fought during the Harvest of Souls.


Tukam was a living legend, and many believed that he was not a mortal man, but a spirit sent from the Unformed Land.[1] Every Umbaru knows about him, and about his iconic armor that he crafted himself, carving each piece of armor from a single slab of green jade.[2] This armor gave him his title of Jade Harvester, and he claimed that it strengthened his connection to the spirit world.[2]

He fought the other tribes for centuries, outliving all of his beloved and friends, yet never wept, knowing that in time, he would meet them in the Unformed Land.[3][4] He did not see the other tribes as enemies, and word of his mercy spread across the land.[5] Fighting the impossible battles, the thoughts of his family gave him courage.[6]

In the end, long after he lost everyone he held dear, he was finally defeated in combat, and met his end on a sacrificial altar, welcoming his long-awaited death.[4] When he crossed the Veil and entered the Unformed Land, he finally reunited with spirits of those he loved,[4] and those he had once fought met him as family.[5]


The Raiment of the Jade Harvester set in Diablo III is named after him.


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