Sometimes, the incredible martial prowess and awesome psychic capacity of the Assassins are not enough to battle all forms of magic-wielding menaces. To supplement her array of tools and abilities, the Assassin has access to an ingenious group of devices. These mechanisms, engineered by Viz-Jaq'taari sages, have been perfected over many years of use. They range from simple thrown missiles and bombs to more complex proximity-triggered sentries.

Traps are a very unique and innovative set of skills; they can be placed anywhere and will activate when the enemy approaches. They compliment the Assassin's stealth abilities and her ability to lure enemies into areas where her traps exist. Traps are a very powerful set of skills, and are not to be taken lightly. When used judiciously, they can make the difference between victory and defeat--and are quite fun to use too.

Usage NotesEdit

There is a limit of 5 Traps.

Traps are very effective in Normal and later on into Nightmare. Players traveling to Hell might find traps start to become less effective at higher acts due to monster resistances and Life. Traps are, however, easy to use and there is not much risk of harm which balances this out. Traps can be used at higher difficulty levels for additional help and the Death Sentry's Corpse Explosion ability can be great anywhere.

Trap trick

Using traps while hiding behind pillars

If players hide behind corners, pillars and the like where monsters can't see/attack them, they can lay traps in specific spots so that the traps can shoot the helpless monsters.

Certain items will allow a player to lower an enemy's resistances and/or heighten elemental damage. These items will not function with most traps as some traps are minions of the character and the damage is not generated directly from the character in question. That means that they are not affected by items that give +%lightning/fire damage or -% lightning/fire.

All three blade skills (Blade Sentinel, Blade Fury, Blade Shield) receive an additional 50% penalty to the "weapon" portion of the damage while wearing 2 handed weapons. So equipping a thunder maul would make blade fury add only 3/8 of your 'normal attack' damage instead of 3/4, and would make blade sentinel do 3/16 instead of 3/8, and blade shield do 1/8 instead of 1/4.


Traps skill tree (Assassin)
Level Skill Prerequisites Synergies
1 Fire-blast.jpg Fire Blast Shock WebCharged Bolt SentryWake of FireLightning SentryWake of InfernoDeath Sentry
6 Shock Web.gif Shock Web Fire Blast Fire BlastCharged Bolt SentryLightning SentryDeath Sentry
6 Blade-sentinel.jpeg Blade Sentinel
12 Charged Bolt Sentry.jpg Charged Bolt Sentry Fire BlastShock Web Fire BlastShock WebLightning SentryDeath Sentry
12 Wake-of-fire.jpg Wake of Fire Fire Blast Fire BlastWake of Inferno
18 Blade-fury.jpg Blade Fury Fire BlastBlade SentinelWake of Fire
24 Lightning-sentry.jpg Lightning Sentry Fire BlastShock WebCharged Bolt Sentry Shock WebCharged Bolt SentryDeath Sentry
24 Wake-of-inferno.jpg Wake of Inferno Fire BlastWake of Fire Fire BlastWake of Fire
30 Death-sentry.jpeg Death Sentry Fire BlastShock WebCharged Bolt SentryLightning Sentry Fire BlastLightning Sentry
30 Blade-shield.jpg Blade Shield Fire BlastBlade SentinelWake of FireBlade Fury
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