Trap Disarm

Class: Rogue

Attempts to disarm a trap.

Damage Type: Physical

Trap Disarm (a.k.a. Disarm Trap) is the Rogue class skill in Diablo, given at the start of the game.

General InformationEdit

This skill is used at close range, and costs no Mana. When moving a cursor over any trapped object (be it chest, door etc.), the Rogue (and Rogue only) will see the red warning with the word TRAPPED. Using this skill will initiate a Dexterity check, and two things can happen in result:

  • If the check is passed, the trap is safely removed.
  • If the check is failed, the trap is immediately sprung.

Chance to Disarm:

  • X = 2 x Dexterity - 5 x Dungeon Level
  • If X > (Random 1-100), trap is disarmed

This skill cannot be used to disarm wall traps and barrels.

Much like the other class skills, it is rather useless, especially since traps are rather rare and don't deal a whole lot of damage. The skill will always work once the Rogue gets at least 90 Dexterity.

Disarm Trap is not learnable by books and does not reappear in Diablo II for game balancing reasons.


The innate sixth sense that all Rogues seem to possess also allows them to sense trapped fixtures, and aids them in attempts to disarm these traps.

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