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Towns have been found in each game of the Diablo series, often serving as hubs.

Diablo I[]

Tristram is the only town that appears in the game, and serves as the game's hub. NPCs such as vendors can be found here.

Diablo II[]

Diablo II introduced the act structure. Of the game's five acts, each has a town hub, which are as follows:

Each hub has NPCs present. Other towns can be found in the game, but only feature enemies. These include the City of the Damned, Travincal, and Tristram.

Diablo Immortal[]

Diablo III[]

Diablo III uses a similar hub setup as Diablo II, with one hub per act. These are as follows:

Like Diablo II, other towns can be found in addition to the hubs. Unlike Diablo II, these towns will at times have NPCs present.

Diablo IV[]

Diablo IV is divided into a number of regions. Each region has a main hub town which contain one of every type of shop, along with numerous other towns spread throughout the area.[2] Some strongholds can become towns, once they've been cleared of enemies.[3] Towns appearing in Diablo IV are:

Fractured Peaks[]


Dry Steppes[]



  • Gea Kul (main hub)
  • Denshar
  • Iron Wolves Encampment
  • Tarsarak


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