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Torment is a difficulty setting in Diablo III and IV.

Diablo III[]

Torment is the highest difficulty setting in Diablo III, and is broken into 16 progressively harder levels, Torment I through Torment XVI. The Torment level is set upon creation of a game session and can be decreased at any time during the game unless playing a Hardcore character.

The primary benefit of playing on Torment difficulties is increased loot and experience, just as with other difficulty levels. Additionally, the Infernal Machine events must be completed in games set to at least Torment I, and it is required for certain level 70 Legendary Items to drop. Various Achievements and Season Journey steps require tasks to be completed at higher Torment levels.

Difficulty levels up to Torment VI are available any time in a character's progression. Higher Torment settings are only accessible at the maximum Character Level of 70.

Difficulty and Rewards[]

With each increase in Torment, the monster difficulty and bonuses granted relative to Normal difficulty increase as follows:[1]

Torment Level Monster Health Monster Damage Extra XP Bonus Extra Gold Bonus Increased Legendary Drop Rate
I 819% 396% 300% 300% 15%
II 1,311% 575% 400% 400% 32%
III 2,097% 833% 550% 550% 52%
IV 3,355% 1,208% 800% 800% 75%
V 5,369% 1,752% 1,150% 1,150% 101%
VI 8,590% 2,540% 1,600% 1,600% 131%
VII 18,985% 3,604% 1,900% 1,850% 164%
VIII 41,625% 5,097% 2,425% 2,150% 205%
IX 91,260% 7,208% 3,100% 2,500% 256%
X 200,082% 10,194% 4,000% 2,900% 320%
XI 438,669% 14,416% 5,000% 3,350% 400%
XII 961,759% 20,387% 6,400% 3,900% 500%
XIII 2,108,607% 28,832% 8,200% 4,500% 625%
XIV 2,889,383% 40,775% 10,500% 5,200% 781%
XV 6,334,823% 57,664% 13,400% 6,050% 977%
XVI 13,888,770% 64,725% 17,000% 7,000% 1,221%

Each level of Torment increases the chance of a legendary item to drop by roughly 15%.[2] Imperial gems also have a chance to drop in Master and higher difficulties. At Torment VII or higher, Rift Guardians are guaranteed to drop a Forgotten Soul with increasing chance to drop the second one.

Exclusive Items[]

Many items will only drop on Torment difficulty (any rank, from I to XVI) or in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts (regardless of rank):


Torment difficulty was introduced in the pre-expansion Patch 2.0.1 as a replacement for Inferno difficulty, the highest level available during the original launch of the game. This patch refactored the entire difficulty system to be mostly independent of which Act was being played. Progressing through multiple Torment levels became the primary mechanism for advancement in the endgame, replacing progression through Acts as well as the Monster Power system that had existed previously.

Torment VI was originally the highest level available. All Torment options unlocked once any character on an account reached level 60. Numerous additions and changes to the unlock system have been made since then:

  • Patch 2.3.0 - Torment VII through X added. They required Paragon level 100 through 250, respectively, to join a public game set to that difficulty.
  • Patch 2.4.2 - Torment XI through XIII added.
  • Patch 2.6.5 - Torment XIV through XVI added.[3]

The paragon level requirements for higher Torment levels were later replaced with solo Greater Rift completion requirements; Torment VII through XVI required GR 30 through 75, distributed linearly.

Diablo IV[]

Torment is the highest World Tier in Diablo IV.


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