The Torajan Jungles

The Torajan Jungles, otherwise referred to as "Toraja"[1] or "Torajan,"[2] are immense, verdant, teeming jungles that span most of the southwestern expanse of Sanctuary's east. Even to nearby Kehjistan, this region is a strange and exotic place, filled with vibrant and dangerous flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else on Sanctuary. The jungles have cultivated many civilizations, many of which have been lost to the annals of time. The Umbaru tribes of the Teganze region remain the exception,[1] though the Opaya are known to inhabit (or previously inhabited) the jungles.[2]

Known LocationsEdit


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  • The name, Torajan may be derived from the Torajans, a unique tribe practicing a highly ritualistic lifestyle, found in the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia.


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