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Toorc Icefist was a member of the High Council of Zakarum during the 13th century. Enthralled by Mephisto, he and his fellow council members corrupted the faith from the inside. For this, they were rewarded by Mephisto, who transformed them into demons and gave them abilities far beyond mere humans.[1]

Toorc and his fellow council members were slain by a group of heroes when they fought their way into Travincal.[2]


Toorc Icefist is a Super Unique Council Member 1 who guards the Compelling Orb in the Blackened Temple in Travincal in Act III of Diablo II.

Toorc Icefist spawns with three minion Council Members. He is found in the Black Temple in Travincal along with Geleb Flamefinger and Ismail Vilehand, who also spawn with minions. He can heal himself and his minions and run away after taking heavy damage. So, players regard this fight as being much tougher than fighting Mephisto himself.

He always resists half the Physical damage and because of his enchantments, he spawns on Hell as immune to Fire and Cold, thereby making him one of toughest monsters in the game.



Toorc Icefist
Property Normal Nightmare Hell
Type Demon Demon Demon
Act(s) found in 3 3 3
Monster Level 28 57 85
Health points
Damage 1
Attack Rating 1
Damage 2
Attack Rating 2
% to Block 25 25 25
Damage Resist 50 50 50
Magic Resist 0 0 0
Fire Resist 0 0 120
Cold Resist 75 75 108
Lightning Resist 0 0 33
Poison Resist 0 0 33
Drain Effectiveness 100 85 66
Immunities Fire,Cold
Chill Effectiveness 50 33 25
Walk/Run Speed 6 12
Group/Minion Size 1


Toorc Icefist and Maffer Dragonhand Unused

Unused color palette of Toorc

In beta SuperUniques.txt Toorc has 3 minions.

Toorc Icefist has an unused turquoise color palette due to Council Member monsters lack of palshift.dat file.


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