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Thundergod's Vigor is a Legendary belt in Diablo III. It requires character level 50 to drop.

It is the only belt in game to increase damage done by Lightning skills, and in addition grants an ability identical to Electrified monster affix. It also has the highest Lightning resistance bonus in game.

Stats (level 70)[]


Thundergod's Vigor
Legendary Belt

  • 440 - 506 Armor

"And the god of thunder struck down transgressors with great fury and vengeance..." — Scrolls of Haroutunian



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Originally, this belt was a Mighty Belt, being exclusive to Barbarians and having additional melee damage reduction. This was changed in patch 2.0.


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  • The description of the belt is a possible reference to the movie Pulp Fiction, while the belt's name may be a reference to Thor (Thundergod's Vigor), or to any other god of thunder.

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