Throwing Weapons (also known as Thrown Weapons) are weapons in Diablo II that can be hurled manually in a straight line towards the cursor. Unlike Ranged Weapons, they do not use arrows or bolts, but instead have a limited quantity, which decreases with each throw. Some thrown weapons have an ability to recover lost quantity; alternatively, repair will replenish them to full capacity. Throwing Weapons cannot be socketed, making them peculiar weapon choices.

All thrown weapons (except potions) can also be used as normal weapons, but deal less damage with melee hits, and less than weapons that are specifically meant for close combat. When used in melee, thrown weapons do not decrease in quantity.

The main types of throwing weapons are:

  • Knives: Light damage, can be used in both range and melee.
  • Axes: A bit heavier than knives, they deal a bit more damage. They can be used both at range and at melee.
  • Javelins: Better damage, but smaller number, they can be used both at range and at melee. Javelins exist in Amazon-specific class variants.
  • Potions: The damage changes a lot between items. They could be explosive (Fire damage) or Gas (Poison Damage). Potions of this type can be used only at range.

In Diablo III, Thrown weapons do not exist (possibly due to their low popularity in the second game); however, some skills, like Ancient Spear, Weapon Throw, Fan of Knives or Impale, are animated as throwing weapons instead.

Throwing Weapons
Normal Throwing Weapons — Throwing KnifeBalanced KnifeThrowing AxeBalanced Axe
Exceptional Throwing Weapons — Battle DartWar DartFranciscaHurlbat
Elite Throwing Weapons — Flying KnifeWinged KnifeFlying AxeWinged Axe
Normal Javelins — JavelinPilumShort SpearGlaiveThrowing Spear
Exceptional Javelins — War JavelinGreat PilumSimbilanSpiculumHarpoon
Elite Javelins — Hyperion JavelinStygian PilumBalrog SpearGhost GlaiveWinged Harpoon
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