The Warden, Head Jailer of King Leoric, is a horrific hulking ghoul still lumbering across The Cursed Hold. He once was the head jailkeeper for King Leoric, and killed many prisoners being held there.


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After completing the task of Queen Asylla, the Warden will appear in the center of the prison with his ghoul minions. After killing the Warden, one can gain passage to the torture areas of the castle.

He counts as Undead Super Unique enemy, and has Jailer, Desecrator and Molten monster affixes, as well as triple fireball ranged attack.

"Am I alone here? Must I do this myself? So be it. Face me, and repent your crimes..."

The Warden(src)

In Adventure Mode, one can access the Cursed Hold from both sides (Halls of Agony level 2 and Highlands Passage, or Halls of Agony level 3) in order to kill him faster should the Warden be nominated a target for the bounty.


The Warden Hardcore Hell kill on my monk - Diablo 3

The Warden Hardcore Hell kill on my monk - Diablo 3

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