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For the similarly named character from Diablo II, see Dark Wanderer.
"You forget how people see you...They tell stories of you to frighten children. The church gossips like spinsters about you. Merchants sell things you've only touched. You are the Wanderer, and you inspire fear as much as awe. That is what you have become."

The Wanderer is the title given to the human adventurer that serves as the protagonist of Diablo IV.


The Wanderer's life was apparently not an easy one. In their experience, "survival often forces difficult choices."[1] Prior to their mishap in Nevesk, they were apparently already aware of the Cathedral of Light and their claims pertaining to their Holy Father.[2]

Dusk on the Mountain[]


"By Mother's blood, by Mother's body, so... uh, shall you witness her glory..."

- Oswen preparing to sacrifice the Wanderer(src)


The Wanderer, alone in the Fractured Peaks

In 1336, while in the Fractured Peaks, the Wanderer travelled by horse, weary from a long journey. They looked for a settlement to rest, but all they came across were ruins. One night, their horse was spooked and ran away, but was eaten by wolves.[3]

Weary and without a mount, the Wanderer slept in a cave. Unknown to them, a wolf came to the cave while they were asleep, but spared them and left.[3] They later left the cave in order to find better shelter before they froze to death. As they journeyed through the blizzard, they came across dead horses and wargs. Finally they come across the town of Nevesk. While they first thought the town was abandoned, they heard voices in the dark, and went to investigate.[4]


The Wanderer encounters Iosef and his captors

Following the sound of anguished cries, the Wanderer came to a barn where they met Oswen and Vani watching over an insane monk. Oswen was gruff and suspicious, but Vani welcomed them warmly and took them to an inn. Asking about the demons the insane monk was screaming about, the Wanderer discovered out that the ruins to the north were infested with demons. They headed to the ruins.[4]

Crazed Betrayal

The Wanderer is drugged by the villagers of Nevesk

After a successful extermination, they returned to a hero's welcome. In the party held in their honor their drink was spiked. After falling unconscious, the villagers delivered the Wanderer to Oswen, who took them to a bloody barn, where they were to be sacrificed to Lilith. To consecrate the Wanderer as a sacrifice, Oswen fed them Lilith's blood petals. While he was sharpening the ritual knife, the insane monk snuck in and kills Oswen by bashing his head from behind.[5]

Mother's Blood

Oswen feeds Lilith's blood to the wanderer

The insane monk was revealed to be Iosef, a priest from the Cathedral of Light. He had also been drugged after returning from the ruins, which made him delirious. When he recovered and tried to escape, he discovered out that the whole town, apart from the inn and the locked chapel, was empty. With his help, the Wanderer was able to get to safety, killing crazed villagers on the way out.[6] The Wanderer took no pleasure in killing the villagers, but survival demanded it.[1]

Once safe, the Wanderer began to retch blood petals.[6] Trying to find a clue, they checked the local chapel. When the Wanderer touched the bloodied floor, they had a vision that the villagers had been corrupted by a horned woman, who called them her children, and was in turn welcomed like a mother.[1]

The Mountain Hermit[]

"Listen, there is a hermit to the northeast. A man of questionable loyalty, but he knows of the forbidden. He might be useful to us."

- Iosef to the Wanderer(src)

After informing Iosef of their vision, he advised the Wanderer to seek help from a mountain hermit who lived to the northeast of Nevesk. He also advised them to bring the hermit to the chapel in Kyovashad.[1] When the Wanderer reached the hermit's cabin, it was empty. While they were searching around, the hermit arrived with a hunt. Instead of being angry, he invited the Wanderer to dinner.[7]


Lorath and the Wanderer

The hermit was revealed to be Lorath Nahr, a member of the Horadrim. After hearing of the Wanderer's tale, he told them that the horned woman was Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, Mother of Sanctuary. He also told them of Sanctuary's origin: that it had been created by Inarius, an angel, and Lilith, a demon, as a safe haven for them and their followers who were tired of the Eternal Conflict. Lilith's motivations were a mystery however, and the Wanderer resolved to use their connection to her (having ingested her blood at Nevesk) to discover her goals. Lorath told them to rest while they could, for they would soon head for Kyovashad.[7]


Lorath and the Wanderer at the gatehouse

The journey to Kyovashad was not an easy one, for they had to deal with marauding Fallen. At Father's Cross, Lorath told the Wanderer that it was a statue of Inarius; that the claims of the Cathedral pertaining to their "Holy Father" were true. Arriving at the Kyovashad gatehouse, they were waylaid by a guard, who demanded they take part in the cleansing ritual required to enter the city. While Lorath was waved through (as he'd refused to take part in the ritual for years), the Wanderer was forced to take part before being granted entrance.[2]

The Wanderer met Lorath inside the city, who was preparing to take a horse. He explained that he was headed for the Dry Steppes to search for the pale man the Wanderer had seen in their vision. He sent them to retrieve his weapon from Ozren. Much to the Wanderer's displeasure, they had to pay for it. However, Ozren gave them a strange amulet in addition to the polearm, explaining that Lorath had sold it to him as well, but suspected that he'd want it back.[8]


The Wanderer and Lorath part ways

The Wanderer returned with both the polearm and amulet. After being asked, Lorath explained that the amulet was the mark of the Horadrim; an order of scholars and Mages that he was part of. He suggested the Wanderer seek out another Horadrim, Donan, in Scosglen, but reminded them not to forget about the Cathedral of Light, as they could prove to be useful allies. He thus departed for the Dry Steppes.[8]

Note: The events in Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, and Dry Steppes can be tackled in any order. The article has present the events in act chronology.

A Cold and Iron Faith[]

To Yelesna[]

PravaWandererIosef 2

The Wanderer meets with Iosef and Prava

At the Cathedral of Light, the Wanderer found Iosef praying to Reverend Mother Prava. They reported that Lorath had sent them to the Cathedral without him, much to Iosef's dismay. Prava told the Wanderer that they'd received word of a demon sighting in Gale Valley that matched Lilith's description, and asked the Wanderer to investigate in Lorath's stead.[9]

The Magpie and the Knight[]

"She had horns like a beast. Strode right past where you stand"

- Neyrelle to Vigo(src)


The Wanderer meets with Captain Ankers

At Yelesna, the Wanderer asked for Knight Vigo at the Knights' Garrison, but was told that he went to the mining camp to the north, to confirm the claims of a troublesome child about sightings of a demon woman.[10]

At the entrance to the mines, they met Vigo standing guard. Before they could question him, they were interrupted by Neyrelle, the girl who had been pestering the knights about sightings of Lilith. She had been pestering Vigo to let her into the mines so that she may try to save her mother from Lilith's clutches. The Wanderer was able to convince Vigo to let Neyrelle along with them into the mines by saying that Prava sent them.[11]


The Wanderer and Neyrelle behold Lilith's statue

The trio entered the mines, but due to the ore hoist being inoperative, they had to pass through a condemned section; one that was collapsing, and filled with undead. They managed to fight their way through, but the mines collapsed behind them.[12] With the ore hoist inoperative, and their way back blocked, Vigo lamented they were trapped. Neyrelle, however, spotted a great statue of Lilith. The Wanderer noted that the architecture of the buried civilization they'd found themselves before, and wondered if things had gone from bad to worse. Nevertheless, they continued on, and found the base of the ore hoist. A demon's corpse had jammed the gears. The Wanderer removed it, allowing the platform to descend. Vigo noted that the demon had been slain.[13]

The group found a wounded knight, Grendan, who explained that Lilith had revealed herself as a demon after she and the escort reached the entrance to Kasama, slaughtering them. She had, however, left Neyrelle's mother, Vhenard, alive. Vigo left to alert the Cathedral, while Neyrelle and the Wanderer continued into the city. Inside, the Wanderer found more blood petals, and saw a vision of Lilith and Vhenard, the latter timidly giving her allegiance to the Daughter of Hatred. The Wanderer told Neyrelle that her mother was alive, explaining (however briefly) the nature of their visions.[14] Further in, the Wanderer had a second vision, by which point it was clear that Vhenard's allegiance to Lilith was solidifying, and that they were searching for Rathma in the city. They passed through the Cradle, and in-between fighting demons, the visions continued. The Wanderer saw Neyrelle fully give herself to Lilith, and it was clear that they were going to perform a ritual.[15]


Vhenard attacks Neyrelle

The pair made it to the shores of the Black Lake, where they found Vhenard writing runes in her own blood. Clearly insane, Vhenard explained that she had carried out a ritual that had allowed Lilith to cross the lake, but that she lacked the "divine element" required to cross. Neyrelle asked her to leave, but Vhenard, turning violent, wounded her daughter and began summoning demons. The Wanderer slew the demons, and Vhenard collapsed, dying seconds later. They told Neyrelle they were sorry, and while Neyrelle felt some animus towards the Wanderer for the role they'd played in her mother's death, she knew it wasn't their fault.[16]

Neyrelle told the Wanderer to go to Prava to receive the divine blessing that would be required to cross the lake. She would head for Mistral Woods to search for the Horadric Vault believed to be there; perhaps something would be found that would help with the ritual. At Neyrelle's request, the Wanderer left her to mourn her mother.[16]

Note: The events of "Pilgrimage" and "Secrets of the Horadrim" may be played in either order. They are presented here in the default order within Diablo IV.



The Wanderer reunites with Vigo at Kor Valar

The Wanderer returned to Kyovashad, seeing Prava to give them the blessing required to cross the Black Lake. Entering the Cathedral of Light, they found Iosef, who told them that Prava had departed for Kor Valar.[17] Arriving at Kor Valar, they reunited with Vigo, who explained that he'd told Prava what had happened at Pine Hill, and she was unimpressed with his failures. They saw her together, where Prava told the Wanderer that if they wanted the blessing they sought, they had to make a pilgrimage to Alabaster Monastery. Vigo told the Wanderer to meet him at the ruins south of the fortress.[18]

Wanderer seeks Blessing of Inarius

The Wanderer before Inarius

The Wanderer met with Vigo, who explained that they had to carry an idol across the Fields of Judgment in order to 'cleanse' them in preparation for their meeting with Inarius. The Wanderer overcame the trial and met Vigo at the Shrine of the Penitent,[19] who directed them to Alabaster Monastery to meet Inarius. Inside, they found the monastery almost completely empty sans Orlin, and beyond him, Inarius himself. Kneeling before the angel, the Wanderer requested Inarius's blessing so they could cross the Black Lake. Inarius refused, claiming that humanity was weak, and that Sanctuary had been wasted on the crusades of the unworthy.[20]


Prava blesses the Wanderer

The Wanderer returned to Kor Valar, where they told Prava that Inarius had refused to bless them. Prava pointed out that the Wanderer was standing before her unscathed, which was more than what could be said for many others who pilgrimaged to Alabaster. Thus, she gave the Wanderer the blessing they sought.[21]

Secrets of the Horadrim[]

"Why do you want to stop Lilith?"
"I like the world the way it was--without Lilith. Her little game of rebellion will only lead to chaos. You've already seen visions of the damage she can do. Yes. I know you were fed her blood. Do you feel it changing you? Perhaps not yet, but as long as Lilith walks in your world, it is only a matter of time."

- The Wanderer and the Bloodied Wolf(src)


The Wanderer is confronted by the Bloodied Wolf

The Wanderer entered Mistral Woods in their search for Neyrelle and the Horadric Vault.[22] In so doing, they entered the Darkened Holt, where they were confronted by the Bloodied Wolf. The wolf explained they were trapped in a Horadric illusion, and led them through a portal into a dreamscape that resembled Tristram, albeit consumed by Hell. The wolf explained that it was they who'd saved the Wanderer after they'd lost their horse, and that it wished to help them stop Lilith. However, it warned them against following the Horadrim, for the path they walked always ended in fire and death, as the vision demonstrated. A day would come when the Horadrim stumbled, and the wolf warned them not to be there when they did.[23]

The wolf directed them to another portal that would return them to the Darkened Holt. Passing through it, the Wanderer found themselves in the same Horadric illusion, but was able to find Neyrelle.[23]

The Knife Twists Again[]

The Making of Monsters[]

"What happened to you?"
I was attacked, obviously. By vast quantities of alcohol, wielded by my own treacherous hand. There may also have been a brawl with a goat over this...patch of mud. I like to think I triumphed."

- The Wanderer and Lorath(src)


The Wanderer finds Lorath

The Wanderer arrived in Ked Bardu, where they found Lorath—drunk, asleep, and having earned the ire of the townsfolk. The Wanderer woke him up, and Lorath explained that he'd discovered that the pale man the Wanderer had seen in their vision in Nevesk was Elias, his former apprentice. They had to find him, then kill him. But before they did that, he sent the Wanderer to talk with Teckrin, who had been handling his messages.

Teckrin explained that she still didn't have any word from Orbei Monastery, but she'd heard rumor that a pale man had passed through the Abahru Canyons. The Wanderer brought this news to Lorath, who was torn between pursing Elias, or investigating Orbei. He chose the former, and gave the Wanderer the choice of following him, or investigating Orbei themselves.[24]

A Gathering Storm[]

Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold[]

Dance of the Makers[]

From the Wound Spilled[]

The Malignant[]

"I am writing to you because although a great evil is receding from Sanctuary, a new festering curse now spreads its corruption across the land. More dangerous, more Malignant than I could have imagined. I have found a way to stop this plague, to rip the dark power of these monsters from their very core, and turn it to our advantage in destroying them. But I cannot do this alone. My allies are falling. My strength is dwindling. The Malignant are relentless and without mercy. I need help. I need...you."

- Cormond writes to the Wanderer(src)


The Wanderer meets Cormond

Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, wrote to the Wanderer, requesting aid in stopping the Malignant.[25] However, while the letter never reached them, circumstance had the two cross paths, as while in Kyovashad, the Wanderer heard a man raving about "corruption." How he had seen someone turn into a demon on the road to Menestad. The Wanderer set off, and encountered Cormond being chased by a strange creature. Cormond fled into a nearby clearing, and the Wanderer entered in pursuit, slaying the creature. Cormond, greatful for being rescued, explained that the creature was a Malignant; a former human who'd been consumed by Lilith's corruption. Cormond taught the Wanderer how to use a Cage of Binding, which could contain the corruption. This was treating the symptoms rather than an actual cure however, and Cormond asked the Wanderer to meet him at Orbei Monastery, where he would continue his research.[26]

The Wanderer met Cormond at the monastery, who explained that he'd found designs for Cages of Binding in the monastery. Given enough time, he might be able to find a cure for the Malignant, but time would need to be bought by the Wanderer, as the Malignant had spread to the Dry Steppes. The Wanderer was asked to venture into the Malignant Tunnels to clear out the Malignant,[27] which they did, eliminating the Malignant in the Steppes, at least temporarily. As Cormond was still searching for a cure, the Wanderer resolved to continue fighting the Malignant and build strength for whatever came next.[28]


The Wanderer and Cormond inside the Hall of Records

The Wanderer returned to Cormond's wagon, and after surviving a Malignant ambush, found a note left by Cormond to meet him at Orbei. The Wanderer met him there, and Cormond explained that he'd found a hall of records under Orbei's old archive. He was sure that it would contain information on Cages of Binding. They travelled through the monastery's crypts and entered the Hall of Records, where the Wanderer found writing that mentioned the discovery of Cages of Binding at Hawezar. At this point, a giant Malignant burst into the hall, calling Cormond by name, prompting him to flee. The Wanderer defeated the creature, but when they tried to capture its heart, the cage exploded and the heart flew away.[29]


Cormond explains himself

The Wanderer returned to the surface; the creature clearly knew Cormond, and it was clear that the priest knew more than he'd divulged. Cormond explained that the creature was called Varshan. That he was a fellow priest who had been driven mad by Lilith. Cormond had tried to use a Cage of Binding on him to remove the corruption, but this caused the corruption to burst out of Varshan, consuming his body and soul, and in so doing, turning him into the first Malignant. It was from Varshan that the Malignant had spread. Cormond told the Wanderer that he was headed for Hawezar to find a better cage to cure Varshan, and hoped the Wanderer would meet him there.[29]

The Wanderer obliged, meeting Cormond outside Zarbinzet. He directed them to search old Zakarum structures in the region. The Wanderer returned with a collection of Zakarum writings, which Cormond analyzed.[30] After fighting the Malignant, the Wanderer returned to Cormond, who informed them that he'd learnt that the Cages had been created in a Zakarum outpost, now sealed.[31]


The pair explore Karamat's Reach

The pair travelled to Karamat's Reach, and after conducting a ritual, gained access to the outpost. There, they discovered a place of death. Reading through old writings, the Wanderer learnt that the outpost had been operated by the Zakarum Inquisition. They had used the Cages of Banding on Malignant (or Malignant-like creatures), and while the Wanderer was able to find a superior Cage of Binding, it was clear that Varshan would be killed in the process. Cormond was aghast, in light of the knowledge that none of the Malignant could be saved, that their deaths were on his hands. Accepting the reality of the situation, he told the Wanderer to return to his village. Where it started, it would also end.[32]


The Wanderer and Cormond in the church undercroft

The pair returned to Velkhova; the village where Cormond and Varshan had been when Lilith arrived. The town was in ruins and infested by Malignant, which the Wanderer disposed of before the pair made their way into the church undercroft. The pair performed a ritual, which summoned Varshan. As in Orbei, the Wanderer defeated him, and used the advanced Cage of Binding to destroy Varshan's heart, killing him, and in so doing, marking the end of the Malignant. A morose Cormond told the Wanderer to meet him by his wagon on the surface.[33]

Back on the surface, Cormond explained that with Varshan destroyed, the Malignant would start to diminish. The Wanderer asked why Cormond hadn't told them the truth about Varshan when they first met, to which Cormond responded "how could I confess to someone like you?" He explained that the Wanderer did not comprehend how they were perceived, how they were regarded with fear and awe alike.[34]

Season of Blood[]

"Child of the Eternal Conflict, waiting for the victor to claim them as servant...Answer me something: have you ever felt like you were born with a noose around your neck, tied by your Mother and Father? Enslaved by demons, threatened by angels...how do you fight the infinite when you are finite?"

- Zir mocks the Wanderer(src)

Due to recent events, a vampire cult led by Lord Zir emerged to torment the surface world.[35] At first, their actions were were small in scale, but as their ambition grew, their caution decreased, and the Wanderer received word of suspicious vampiric activity.[36] Magistrate Oren requested their presence in investigating his town, which had experienced a slew of murders at the hands of these creatures.[37]

The Wanderer-bite

The Wanderer is infected with vampirism

The Wanderer arrived in Ked Bardu, where rumors of missing merchants swirled around town. They talked with Oren, who directed them to Vasily's Reach, where the last merchant caravan had gone missing. Arriving in the area, they found an underground cave which vampires had been using as a lair,[38] draining the blood of humans in order to claim their nephalem birthright.[39] While investigating a coffin within the cave, the Wanderer was bitten by a vampire and ambushed, while also hearing a mysterious voice from afar.[38]


The Wanderer meets Erys

The Wanderer defeated their ambushers.[38] They had been infected with vamprisim, but did not fall under the voice's control.[35] Feeling different, the Wanderer returned to Ked Bardu to confront Oren. Upon entering his office, the Wanderer discovered that the magistrate wasn't there, but also discovered a secret alcove left open, albeit with a group of vampires that had ambushed a vampire hunter named Erys. The pair worked together and defeated their ambushers.[40]


Erys and the Wanderer enter the tomb

Searching for clues, the Wanderer found a note written by Oren, revealing that he'd been summoned by his master to the Tomb of Hallows. They showed it to Erys, who noticed their bite mark, but noted that given the depth of the wound, the Wanderer should have already turned. Without time to investigate further, the pair headed for the tomb.[40] Entering, they found Oren in the midst of his own execution, struck down by vampires. They slew his executioners in turn, but with Oren dead, they'd lost their one link between them and the cult's leader. Erys returned to Ked Bardu to follow up with some contacts, while the Wanderer was left alone to scour the tomb for clues.[41]


Zir appears before the Wanderer

As the Wanderer descended into the tomb, the voice that they'd heard in Vasily's Reach resurfaced, mocking them, beckoning them in. Arriving in the tomb's depths, the Wanderer was faced with a bloody apparition of the vampire lord—Zir, the leader of the cult. Zir declared that the Wanderer would join his Blood Seekers, but the Wanderer refused. Zir was taken aback, at first unable to understand why the Wanderer had not yet turned into a vampire, but realized the truth, that Lilith's blood was preventing the Wanderer's transformation. He warned the Wanderer that "the more you thirst, the more you will understand."[41]


The Wanderer reunites with Erys

The Wanderer defeated the tomb's remaining vampires and returned to Ked Bardu. They reunited with Erys and recounted what had happened in the tomb. With the revelation that Zir was an Ancient, Erys suggested they head to an Ancient burial site in Hawezar. If they could find the remains of a vampire from the time of the Ancients, there was a ritual she could attempt.[41]

The Wanderer and Erys travelled to Hawezar, where they entered the Fetid Mausoleum and recovered the skull of an Ancient vampire. Erys returned to Ked Bardu, while the Wanderer was charged with obtaining enough potent blood for the ritual. Having retrieved enough blood, the Wanderer returned to Ked Bardu. Erys could tell that the Wanderer's power was growing, but they were still apparently immune to the effects of the vampire bite they'd suffered in Vasily's Reach.[42]


The Wanderer and Erys converse with the skull

The skull was soaked in potent blood and revived—alive, but not necessarily lucid. Erys deduced that it had once been an underling of Zir, but things had ended badly (including, but not limited to being separated from its body). The skull wanted revenge on Zir, and to this end, it would help the humans before it. It opened a portal to the City of the Ancients which Erys and the Wanderer passed through. However, upon their arrival, they found their way blocked by a sealed door. They survived a vampire ambush and returned through the portal.[42]

Erys explained that she'd seen the barrier from the city before, and that she'd have to prepare a ritual to bypass it. The skull advised the Wanderer that if they were to prevail against the undying, they had to become undying themselves. Or, more specifically, to slay Zir's Blood Seekers. Erys advised against it, but giving in, gave the Wanderer the information she had on Zir's Blood Seekers, reasoning that at the least, Sanctuary would benefit from their absence.[42]


The Wanderer converses with the skull

The Wanderer slew a number of Zir's Blood Seekers[43] before returning to Ked Bardu. Re-entering the office, they didn't find Erys, but instead found a number of Blood Seekers waiting in ambush. They slew the Blood Seekers, and finding no signs of Erys, used their own blood to revive the skull they'd retrieved earlier. The skull told them that Erys had left for the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad, having apparently learnt something. The skull also noted that the Wanderer reeked of the vampiric curse. That the Wanderer was becoming like Zir, and Erys was aware of it.[44]


Erys and the Wanderer in Kyovashad

The Wanderer arrived in Kyovashad and found Erys amidst a crowd that had gathered in front of the Cathedral. Erys, shocked to see them, led the Wanderer away so they could talk privately. She explained that the Cathedral was refusing to engage Zir's army, and admitted that she feared the Wanderer. They'd become so powerful, she doubted she could stop them if they lost control. The Wanderer assured her that they were still in control, but despite wanting to believe in them, Erys could not believe that. She ordered the Wanderer to kill as many members of Zir's army as possible, reasoning that if Zir succeeded, they were all damned anyway. She further explained that given the scale of the Blood Harvest, she suspected that Zir's army was making a "big push." That Zir's ascension was nigh.[45]

The Wanderer successfully routed Zir's forces and returned to Erys in Ked Bardu. Erys declared that they were ready to face Zir, and explained that she'd found a way to open the gate that had barred their access earlier. She ordered the Wanderer to meet her at the city.[45] She explained that while the Wanderer had stopped the Blood Harvest, Zir would rally his legions and collect the remaining blood he needed to ascend. They had to kill Zir before that happened. Also, the skull that had aided them before had disappeared, which meant they needed to travel to the city themselves rather than use a portal.[46]


Erys and the Wanderer at the city's entrance

The Wanderer met Erys at the city. Erys broke the seal, and the Wanderer entered the city proper, fighting through Zir's remaining forces, as Zir himself taunted them through the link they shared. Eventually, the Wanderer confronted Zir himself, who after descending into a pool of blood, emerged in new, horrific form. Nevertheless, the Wanderer was able to slay Zir in the ensuing battle.[46]

The Wanderer returned to Ked Bardu, where they met Erys. Erys admitted to her former fears about them, and told the Wanderer that whatever was in their blood, it might cure them of their vampirism in time. However, while Zir had been defeated, his thralls were still out there; the strongest of which would try to claim his throne, and the killings would continue. Erys announced that she was setting out to hunt them down, but joked that she'd leave a few for the Wanderer. As for the skull, Erys wasn't worried—wherever it had got to, it couldn't have got far.[47]

Midwinter Blight[]

The Construct[]

The Wanderer-Geasquare

The Wanderer inspects the scene

A guard told the Wanderer of trouble brewing in Gea Kul. Arriving in the town, the Wanderer found that a crowd had gathered in the city square, overlooking bound men. The Wanderer turned to Otseg, who explained that the men were possessed by demons. That they'd listened to an old man's stories of vaults and treasure, but had returned to Gea Kul, unable to speak. As they talk, one of the men broke free, leaving his arm behind and fleeing north. The Wanderer inspected the scene, and found a runestone that the man had dropped. They showed it to Otseg, who told them to return it to the vault north of the town.[48]

The Wanderer-constructs

The Wanderer comes across the ruins of constructs

The Wanderer found the vault and descended into it. There, they found an inert construct.[48] Due to its folding metal properties, they were able to strap it to their waist without issue.[49] Less benign were the still-active constructs, which the Wanderer fought their way through.[48]

Lunar Awakening[]


The Wanderer approaches a shrine

Loot Reborn[]

Because of their ferocity during the Blood Harvest, the Wanderer caught the attention of increasingly dangerous foes.[50]

Game Effect[]

The Wanderer is the protagonist of Diablo IV, operating in a similar manner to their predecessors in Diablo Immortal and Diablo III. They are referred to as "(the) Wanderer," by other characters, with their name, class, etc. at the player's discretion. Artwork for Season of the Malignant depicts the Wanderer as a male Rogue, but the article is still written to leave the class and gender ambiguous.

The Wanderer's storyline is contiguous between seasons and expansions. In the storyline of Diablo IV, all season and expansion storylines are canonically completed by the Wanderer.[51]


The Wanderer's backstory and personality is intentionally left vague in the game, as the developers wanted players to be able to imagine it for themselves.[52]

Personality and Traits[]

The Wanderer-epilogue

The Wanderer, shadowed

Unlike many, the Wanderer sought answers to the apparently inexplicable.[53]


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Assuming the Wanderer is being honest at the Kyovashad Gatehouse, their greatest sin (in their mind) is either fear, anger, pride, or greed. However, the choice of sin is at the player's discretion, and the tablet may be left blank if the player so chooses.[2]
  • Blood petals pulse when touched by the Wanderer's skin. According to Voszalko, this is proof of their sullying by Lilith,[54] though it is dubious if this is true, given the context of Voszalko's motivations.


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Class Identities

Diablo IAidan (Warrior) • Jazreth (Sorcerer) • Moreina (Rogue)
Diablo IICarthas (Paladin) • Cassia (Amazon) • Isendra (Sorceress) • Xul (Necromancer)
Diablo ImmortalThe Shard-seeker
Diablo IIIThe Nephalem: Johanna* (Crusader) • Kharazim* (Monk) • Li-Ming* (Wizard) • Nazeebo* (Witch Doctor) • Sonya* (Barbarian) • "The Chosen" * (Necromancer) • Valla (Demon Hunter)
Diablo IVThe Wanderer
* denotes possible but unconfirmed canonical identity.