The Treasure Realm is Greed's domain, where the Treasure Goblins hoard the riches found across the worlds.

It is shaped as a cave of massive proportions, and countless passages can be seen in the background, with hundreds of Goblins traveling through these passages, in and out of the portals. In game, however, the dungeon is rather small, and can be fully cleared in just a few minutes, for players visit but a small portion of the realm.


In Reaper of Souls, as of Patch 2.1, there is a very small chance that a Treasure Goblin, when killed, will leave an opened portal through which player(s) may enter the Treasure Realm. The portal may only appear at level 70, and only in Adventure Mode. Only players who were present when it appeared are able to enter it.[1]

Inside, it is filled with piles, pots and chests of gold and gems (millions per run, to say the least). Numerous Treasure Goblins can be encountered here, and Hobgoblin Sentries and Peons try to stop the intruders.

The end boss of the realm is Greed herself, residing in a sub-zone called the Grand Vault of the Realm.

Goldskin and Goldwrap are an incredibly potent combination in Treasure Realm; this can escalate the player's Toughness to values beyond reason, giving an insane Armor rating.

Unique Monsters


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Treasure Realm was designed after the Hobbit 2014 film, Scrooge McDuck's Money Pit, and a bee hive.[2]



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