"Discover the fate of the king"

The True Son of the Wolf is an event of Act V of Diablo III It begins when a player enters Clyfton Hall from Westmarch Heights.

Upon entering Clyfton Hall, the Nephalem learns that Lord Wynton, a scheming noble with the support of disaffected peasantry, has murdered King Justinian IV as part of a play for power brought on by the chaos of the Reapers attacks. He wishes to consolidate his newfound power through killing all who oppose him. The Nephalem calls him out for making things worse in an already horrific situation and the battle is joined.

Wynton is a tough fight, and in addition to his rebel guards, he has also brought a contingent of hired Vizjerei mages who are summoned two at a time and act to shield him from attack and must be brought down in order for Wynton to be made vulnerable. The event ends once Wynton and all of his men are killed.


  1. Enter the main hall
  2. Talk to Lord Wynton
  3. Kill Lord Wynton


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