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The Three Guardians is an event that takes place in The Ruins of Sescheron within Act III of Diablo III. It only occurs in Adventure Mode, and a bounty may be offered to complete it.


Goat Event

The three statues

"What? Spirits? That's... that's unfair! We killed them already! These beasts are so retched even death doesn't want them."

- Skular(src)

In the Ruins of Sescheron, a circular arena houses a ceremonial Ice Clan Khazra drum and three golden statues of Goatman heroes. Upon clearing the arena, one may touch the drum, breaking it.

This will cause one of the statues to come to life, spawning Talos who brings with him several Ice Clan Warriors. Killing them animates the second statue, Mawdol, spawning a group of Ice Clan Impalers as well. The last, after Mawdol's death, is Korbal and his Ice Clan Shaman. All three Khazra heroes summon more acolytes if enough of their number are killed before they are.

After they are killed one by one, all three appear again at once, this time in form of ghosts, with the same stats, and a mix of ghostly followers. Killing the three guardians one last time concludes the event.


  • Bounty: Conquer the Khazra arena
  • Destroy the Ceremonial Khazra Drum
  • Kill Talos, Warlord of the North
  • Slay Talos' warriors
  • Slay Mawdol, Hunter of the North
  • Slay Mawdol's acolytes
  • Slay Korbal, Chief Shaman of the North
  • Slay Korbal's hunting party
  • Kill the Ghost of Talos
  • Kill the Ghost of Mawdol
  • Kill the Ghost of Korbal
  • Slay the ghostly followers of the guardians


"These things mock my people's traditions — they will pay."

- Skular(src)

Based on Skular's comments, the Ice Clan Khazra appear to have created heroes of their own in a mockery of the Ancients whose spirits guarded Mount Arreat, which players fought in Diablo II. Talos, Mawdol and Korbal seem to have named themselves after the Barbarian guardians Talic, Madawc and Korlic, and this encounter summons them from golden statues just as the Ancients were in the previous game.