The Testament of Inarius is a seven-part tome found in Act V of Diablo III. Written by Inarius, it is dropped from Ancient Writings in the Pandemonium Fortress. Obtaining all parts of the journal will add to the People Finder achievement.

They read as follows:

  1. They call me a hero. I slew demons beyond count. I won battle and broke sieges, but it availed me nothing. I know that this war can have no victor, only an eternity of revenge, pride, and hatred. Tyrael does not understand. He cannot see beyond the glory of battle. In time, he may, but that day is not yet here.
  2. There must be others who seek a way out of the endless strife. Angels and demons who feel enslaved by our fate. I cannot be unique in all of creation. I know my path: I will find those disillusioned of the war, and lead them.
  3. I was struck down in the third charge. I lay upon the ground only to wake in chains. I did not know that demons took prisoners. I babbled like a fool about my dreams of escaping this war. My captor freed me and said that we would meet again. Her name was Lilith, daughter of Mephisto.
  4. Lilith is me, but of fire and flame. I could never have felt this way about a demon while I was mired in the endless war. The strain holds us prisoner to what we have been told to believe. She and I have made plans. We will bring others to our cause, and together, we will escape.
  5. Those who follow us are strong in purpose and conviction, but we are only few. Yet, if we can obtain the power of the Worldstone, it will be enough. We will scale the Windshear slope, steal into the heart of the fortress, and be gone before anyone notices the stone's disappearance.
  6. Can I truly love a demon? When I gave the Worldstone to Lilith, I knew I had been right to seek her all along. We have created a new world. We can live here in peace, away from war. I have named this world Sanctuary.
  7. When I see Lilith sleeping at my side, I'm filled with dark thoughts. My sins are real, and I will surely pay for them. We live in peace for now, but it cannot last. They will come for me. But what of my great deeds? When I'm in torment, who will celebrate those? Who will remember Inarius?


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