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"You must be the "Dravec" the cultists keep shouting for."
"And you must be the 'Shard-seeker.'""

- Conversation between the Shard-seeker and Dravec(src)

The Shard-seeker is the title appointed to the main human hero in Diablo Immortal.



In 1270, the hero traveled to Wortham, which was under attack by the Cult of Damnation. The hero saved the town, and prevented Skarn from manifesting in Sanctuary. During the fighting, the Shard-seeker met Deckard Cain, who revealed that he had come to Wortham to search for the Worldstone shard that had landed nearby, and advised them of the existence of the Ashwold shard. Their meeting was interrupted by Xul;talking through a skeleton, the Necromancer told Cain that his apprentice, Lethes, had acquired a shard of the Worldstone, and brought ruin upon Ashwold. Cain told the hero to retrieve the shard and then meet him at Westmarch, where it would be safer to destroy them.[3]


Arriving at Ashwold, the hero found the dead rising en masse.[4] The hero was able to save Xul from Lethes,[5] as well as the Ashwold Guard,[6] but could not save Asylla's handmaiden from being murdered by Lethes in her quest to find the tomb of Queen Asylla.[7] It was discovered that this was part of Lethes's plan to resurrect King Leoric,[8] and the hero entered Ashwold Manor to slay Leoric in his own domain.[9] Upon exiting, they found that Lethes had escaped Xul; pursuing her, they fought the rogue Necromancer and defeated her, but Xul explained that Lethes was likely still alive. Xul pursued Lethes, while the hero carried on to Westmarch.[10]


At Westmarch, the hero met Charsi and later, Cain at his workshop. The Horadrim explained that there was no safe way to destroy the shard as of yet, but directed them to the Dark Wood, as he'd detected a third shard there.[11]

The Dark Wood[]

The hero arrived at Blackstone Village in the Dark Wood, which had been destroyed by the Bloodsworn.[12] They allied with the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, which were fighting against the Bloodsworn.[13] Akara informed the hero that the Bloodsworn were being led by an ex-Rogue named Lakrii, and that a Worldstone shard could be the source of the cult's power. After entrusting them with the Horadric Bestiary, Akara introduced the hero to Hemlir, a Druid, who would conduct a ritual to reveal the means of cleansing the corruption that plagued the Dark Wood.[14]

The hero gathered the reagents Hemlir required,[15] but the ritual failed. Hemlir advised them to head to the Tree of Inifuss; along the way, they came across a confrontation between Lakrii and a member of the Cult of Damnation, confirming that Lakrii's mistress possessed the Dark Wood's Worldstone shard.[16] At the tree, Hemlir conducted the ritual at the cost of his life, but in so doing, he revealed that the Countess possessed the shard lay in the Forgotten Tower, and was fed blood via the Blood Rose. Hemlir died, and Flavie informed the hero that the Sisterhood had attacked the Forgotten Tower. The hero knew that as long as the Blood Rose survived, the Countess could not be slain. They headed to slay the Blood Rose.[17]

The hero slew the Blood Rose, and at Akara's direction, went to the Forgotten Tower to aid the Rogues in their assault.[18] They slew the Countess,[19] and in so doing, gained the third Worldstone shard. The Sisterhood remained in the Dark Wood to deal with the Bloodsworn, while the hero returned to Westmarch.[20]

Return to Westmarch[]

The hero returned with the Dark Wood shard. With three shards in his possession, Cain attempted to destroy them, but failed.[11] After conducting some research, Cain told the hero about Zoltun Kulle and the soulstones. One of Kulle's libraries lay in the Shassar Sea, and it was there, Cain theorized, that they might find a means of destroying the Worldstone shards.[21] Calling in a favor, Cain had Captain Rehm provide his ship as transport to Shassar.[22]

The Shassar Sea[]

"The Shassar Sea...drier than I expected."

- The Shard-seeker(src)


The hero at Tabri's 'coronation'

The hero arrived in Shassar, where they saved Zov from Sand Scorpion bandits.[23] Zov led them to the encampment of the Amber Blades, which was under attack by lacuni.[24] In order to get into Tabri's good graces, the hero slew a lacuni pack leader, and returned its hide to the encampment. Tabri told the hero she would consider helping them find the Library of Zoltun Kulle if they provided her the Scepter of Fahir.[25] The hero obtained Fahir's Command from the Chamber of Wisdom,[26] Fahir's Visage from the Tomb of Fahir,[27] and the Light of Fahir from the Chamber of Truth. The assembeld scepter was given to Tabri, who through it, claimed dominion over Shassar. Holding up her end of the bargain, she assigned Peth to guide the hero to Kulle's library.[28]

Peth guided the hero to the library's entrance and opened it for them. With that, the hero ventured inside.[29]

The Library of Zoltun Kulle[]

The Curator-defeated

The hero confronts the Curator

Inside the library, the hero was attacked by the Curator, who refused to believe their protestations that they were no thief. Nevertheless, the Curator did not back down until the hero defeated them.[30] The hero explained that they were trying to find a way to destroy the Worldstone shards. The Curator responded that there might be information in Kulle's private archives on such a topic, but that the library had fallen into disrepair, and that it would have to be restored if they were to access the information.[31] The hero succeeded, and with the library now under the Curator's control, they met with the hero in the Archive of Secrets. There, they showed the hero a tome that recounted Kulle's defeat of Baal centuries ago, during the Dark Exile.[32] The hero relived Kulle's memories of the event, where it was revealed that only an archangel's weapon could damage the Worldstone. That presented a problem, for the Curator only knew of two such weapons, and the first, El'druin, was beyond their reach. The other, however, was named Yl'nira, and rested inside the Temple of Namari on Bilefen.[33] The Curator used the library's terminus to teleport the hero to Bilefen.[34]


"That was...an experience. Well then, this must be Bilefen Island. Now to find someone who knows about the Temple of Namari."

- The hero after arriving at Bilefen(src)

The hero arrived at Bilefen, and was directed to Port Justinian. There, they met with Talva Silvertongue, who directed them to the Temple of Namari.[35] There, they met with Jin; a Xian Wizard who intended to summon Namari in order to access her ancient texts. In this, she succeeded, and the two adventurers met with Namari's spirit. Namari revealed that the "temple" was, in fact, a prison, dedicated to imprisoning Sargoth. However, three beacons from the temple had been stolen, and if they were returned, they would have a chance to destroy Sargoth before he escaped. If they did this, she would provide the texts and Yl'nira.[36]

Following Jin's advice, the pair headed back to the port, where they met a Crimsonblade pirate,[36] who was willing to provide information on one of the beacons. The hero meanwhile headed back to see Talva, but had to save the port from a Fetish attack. Talva told them what he knew of the two beacons.[37] With the aid of Cadeus, the hero recovered the first beacon,[38] and slew Ongori to retrieve the second.[39]

The hero met with Jin at Crimsonblade Haven. Jin explained that her negotiations had gone poorly, but that she'd learnt that the pirates' leader kept the beacon aboard his ship. They made it to the ship and into the captain's cabin, where they confronted and defeated Captain Rhodri. With his death, the third and final beacon was obtained, and they returned to Namari.[40] Returning the three beacons, Namari led the hero into the temple, while Jin took the nephalem's place at the altar.[41]

The hero slew Sargoth, and Namari gave them her tomes and Yl'nira.[42] After exiting, they gave Jin the tomes she'd sought, and the two parted ways.[41] Afterwards, the hero was summoned to the Ancient Arena. After battling through the undead, they were contacted by the Unspoken, who indicated that they might be worthy. The spirit gave them a scroll, and hinted that soon, the hero would understand.[43]

Westmarch (Again)[]

The Shard-seeker returned with Yl'nira to Cain in Westmarch. Using the dagger the three shards were destroyed. Cain revealed that his last ritual revealed another shard upon Mount Zavain — a mountain located not far from Mount Arreat. However, Rehm's ship wasn't ready to sail. Cain gave The Shard-seeker a cryptic letter addressed to them that he received while they were away. He advised them to address the letter while he secures them passage.[11]

The Mysterious Letter informed The Shard-seeker to head to Selynne's Basilica to learn about an ancient cycle that has protected Sanctuary. There they met the Unspoken,who told them about the Cycle of Strife — an ancient war between the Immortals, ancient defenders of Sanctuary, and the Shadows, a group dedicated to deposing the Immortals should they become corrupt.[44]

By the time they returned to Cain, Rehm was ready to sail. He informed them that he would take them to a port near Mount Zavain, from where they can use a caravan to travel up the mountain.[45]

Mount Zavain[]

Upon arriving at Mount Zavain, the Shard-seeker came upon corpses; both human and khazra littered about. They also met Oza (a Veradani monk) further along the road. She warned them to be careful about the khazra, which had been agitated as of recent. After defeating another band of khazra, Oza led the Shard-seeker to the local outpost of the Sons of Rakkis; Sentinel's Watch (which had been the main target of the recent Khazra's agitation).[46]

Upon reaching the outpost they inquired about the state of affairs from the captain, who was relieved to receive reinforcements, especially from a monk. As he informed the duo of the current situation, they were interrupted by a soldier, who came with news that a village to the south had been lost to the khazra, who now occupied its ruins, and had captured some of the soldiers sent to repel them. He also informed that more khazra were attacking from the north. The Shard-seeker offered to go to the village with the soldier and rid it of khazra.[47]

The village was already destroyed, and overrun by Moon Clan khazra. The duo were able to save one guard who was trapped in a well. Another guard was tied to a stake at the villages square, near an active summoning ring. The duo was unable to save him from being sacrificed to summon Blood Clan khazra. When the battle was over, The Shard-seeker noticed a carving of an eye in the summoning circle. They recognized it as the symbol of the Cult of Damnation, and guessed that they would be the cause of the khazra aggression. After that, they returned to Sentinel's Watch.

The Shard-seeker reported their findings to Captain Vereks. Vereks told them to help reinforce Oza,who had been fighting khazra non-stop since they left to investigate the Razed Village.[48] The Shard-seeker was able to provide Oza some relief, and told of their findings; that a cult was behind it, and they sought to deliver a shard of the Worldstone to their Lord.

The Frozen Tundra[]

The Realm of Damnation[]

Forgotten Nightmares[]

Terror's Tide[]

Destruction's Wake[]

Fare Well

The Shard-seeker speaks with Zatham

Zatham informed the Shard-seeker that they had discovered how to use the Pathstone. They would now sail to Ancients' Cradle. The Shard-seeker went to see Karshun and Cain, but Cain was leaving to investigate a rumor he had heard of. He said his goodbyes to the Shard-seeker and their fellows. Afterwards, Karshun instructed the Shard-seeker on how to use the Pathstone to make their way through the Forgotten Sea.[49]

Fare Well11

The Shard-seeker meets with Captain Rehm

The Shard-seeker met with Zatham at the Westmarch docks. He informed them that two ships had departed Westmarch in the dead of night, likely belonging to the Cult of Terror. They sailed aboard the Black Bower.[49]

Dark Rebirth[]

Splintered Souls[]

With Diablo having claimed the soulstone shard, the Shard-seeker (with Tyrael still within their mind) travelled to the Southern Dreadlands, in hope of finding El'druin.[50]

Rite of Cleansing[]

Caked in demon blood from their conquests, the Shard-seeker turned to Nisza in Westmarch, in order to keep their mind and body whole.[51]


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The Memory of Nor Tiraj regarded the Shard-seeker as potentially the greatest Horadrim provided they "learn something new."[2]
  • Book of Lorath differs in terminology for the Shard-seeker. It references both "brave heroes" (who delivered soulstone fragments to Cain), and "a noble hero" who defeated Skarn and assisted Cain.


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