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The Secret Cow Level
Developer(s) Wizards of the Coast
Released 2001
Genre(s) Tabletop RPG
Input methods Paper, pencil, dice

The Secret Cow Level is a downloadable supplement for Dungeons and Dragons: Diablo II Edition. It is an adaptation of the level of the same name from Diablo II.


You’ve smelled this odor before . . . back when you had only a suit of +1 studded leather armor to your name and got hit by that fireball. Even though today you’re wearing something like awesome gothic plate armor of the whale, you still remember that scent: the stench of burning leather.

The smell isn’t pretty, nor is the army of mad cows bearing poleaxes advancing on your position. As you hear the chorus of death moos, you know you’ve foolishly walked into the slaughterhouse of Moo Moo Farms— an intrusion the hell bovines do not appreciate.

Welcome to the Secret Cow Level.

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