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The Sacrificial Hermit is a Diablo III event that takes place within Wortham Bluffs in Act I. The event starts with Rodger the Alchemist, who is a mutual spawn with the event - he is required for it to occur, and it always does if he is present.

The alchemist asks The Nephalem to bring a potion that makes the drinker's blood sweeter to the Crazed Hermit. It does not affect the Hermit's fate, although he will be more than happy to see the potion delivered.


  • Deliver the Alchemist's concoction to the hermit by the Caverns of Araneae

Although this simple event only requires walking a short distance, it awards gold and experience like any other. Rodger also sells his items at half price once the event is complete.


Rodger the Alchemist: "Hello, wanderer. I sell quality potions and dyes at a fair price. Have a look if you like!"
Rodger the Alchemist: "Oh, and would you do me a favor? There's a lunatic down by the caves who wants a potion to make his blood sweet, if you can believe it. Would you mind bringing it down to him?"
Scoundrel: "Fair price, indeed! <whispering> You're getting swindled!"
[Nephalem]: "I brought this potion from the alchemist."
Crazed Hermit: "Oh... this is perfect! My mistress will now accept me! Her blood and mine will soon sing as one!"
Speaking with Crazed Hermit again
"My queen sings to me. Her music echoes from beyond..."

(this is the Hermit's normal dialogue even in the absence of the event)


This quest was used by some players to "speed farm" gold and experience until the rewards were reduced.[citation needed]

Rodger's dialogue refers to selling potions and dyes. However, consumable potions were removed from the game, and dyes are now the exclusive domain of Myriam Jahzia. He now sells weapons and armor, despite his words.