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The Rygnar Idol is an event that can be found in Chamber of the Lost Idol in Diablo III, and can appear as a bounty. The Chamber appears in The Stinging Winds, and always contains the event.

Upon entering the Chamber, the amateur treasure hunter Poltahr asks for help finding the legendary Idol inside the ruins. The Idol was once in possession of Zoltun Kulle, and finding it would lift Poltahr and his family out of poverty. He will follow The Nephalem within the Chamber until the Idol is retrieved, but is quite helpless in battle.

The ruins are filled with Undead minions, and Poltahr's Notes can be found within. When the Idol is found, Poltahr fearfully asks the Nephalem to take it for him, which summons four Skeletal Guardians (of any type). These drop treasure as if they were an elite pack. Once they are dead, the Poltahr keeps the Idol and thanks his heroes, but is warned about the dangers of adventuring unprepared. This completes the event, rewarding gold and experience.


  • Bounty: Enter the Chamber of the Lost Idol
  • Bounty: Help Poltahr retrieve the Rygnar Idol
  • Talk to Poltahr
  • Lead Poltahr through the dungeon to find the Rygnar Idol
  • Take the Rygnar Idol
  • Defeat the Idol Guardians



Diablo III - The Rygnar Idol Event Guide