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The Revenge of Gharbad is an event and possible bounty found at the Ancient Pyre in the Southern Highlands of Diablo III.

Once there, the players find the ghost of Gharbad, who is offering a deal (much like earlier): power of the dead in exchange for just a little assistance. The latter involves breaking two Khazra dream catcher-like charms, to the left and right of the pyre, that are preventing spirits from approaching.

Each charm, when broken, spawns a bunch of Khazra ghosts. One of the packs will contain a Khazra shaman, who must be killed. Once it is done, Gharbad will approach the mummy and, as soon as you talk to him again, say "I get life. You get death". At this point, he turns into a massive Khazra Helbrute called Gharbad the Strong (a pun to his former title), who will attempt to kill you with his new acquisition, the powerful dead body. Killing him again will end the event, and player's character will comment on that by replying (exact words depend on class) that Gharbad may keep his offering to himself now.


  • Bounty: "Help" Gharbad the Weak
  • Destroy the Shamanic Wards around the Khazra Mummy
  • Speak to the Ghost of Gharbad
  • Kill Gharbad the Strong