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Mehtan the Necromancer, needing some help

The Restless Sands is a random event that spawns near the center of the western part of the Stinging Winds. It can be offered as a bounty. The event itself takes up most the area, so it's hard to miss. It has entrances from all sides but the north.

Mehtan the Necromancer stands in the middle of the area with his three skeleton minions, and talking to him starts the event. He'll ask the Nephalem to activate 2 Necromancer Totems, which will spawn a pair of Deathly Haunts he had previously trapped. After beating them, talk to Mehtan again. He'll thank the Nephalem, but they are then ambushed by deranged cultists and Wargiant, a Unique Dark Berserker, sent by the Coven. Talking to Mehtan one last time prompts more thanks, and completes the event with a gold and experience reward. He will also drop his Necromancer's Log at this time if the player hasn't read it yet.