The Reformed Cultist is an event in Abandoned Cultist Stores of Diablo III.

When encountered, the Reformed Cultist will not be hostile towards the player, instead a secondary quest will appear with the assignment of helping him fight off the enemies. Once all of them are dead, the Reformed Cultist will recognize the Nephalem as the one who destroyed the Coven. He will also allow the player to proceed farther into the house, where the Coven treasure, obtained mostly from ravaging tombs, is hoarded (saying that he wants the treasure to serve for good, as he intended to destroy it otherwise).

Once inside, player needs to kill the Reapers and find a bookshelf that contains the secret passage. Beyond that there are four to six chests of either type, some gold piles and two to four armor and weapon racks, as well as portal obelisk to return back to the entrance.

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