The Nephalem prepares the ram for the final strike

The Ram
is a small location literally atop of the massive demonic battering ram in Battlefields of Eternity in Act V of Diablo III. It can be accessed during Breaching the Fortress quest.

When the Siege Runes are found, players proceed to ride the ram as it bashes through the gates of Pandemonium Fortress. Along with Tyrael, the Nephalem must protect the ram.

The first hit is performed undisturbed, yet it barely scratches the gate. The second hit proves to be more successful, but the gate defense mechanisms trigger, jamming the ram with two massive chained hooks. As Reapers attack, players must break both hooks.

The third hit causes the gates to crack, but six more hooks appear. Destroying these hooks will not help, as more will appear, and more and more Reapers will spawn, until Mordrath, a Super Unique Executioner, is killed. With his death, no more enemies and hooks will spawn, and players may break the chains.

The final hit is purely cinematic: it penetrates the doors, and player(s) are free to enter the Fortress through the resulting gap.

Even though The Ram is not a boss fight, once it has started, there is no escape: Town Portal will not work, and there is no way out except for through the breach. Dying during the event will make the player start it all over from the beginning.


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  • Interestingly, the ram itself does not move: it is the background that rotates dynamically with each strike.
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