For other uses, see Khalim's Will.

The Que-Hegan's Will is a Normal flail in Diablo III, a return of the quest flail from Diablo II. It was added in patch 2.4.1.

It is intended be used for Transmogrification, and drops from Nevaz in Halls of Agony Level 3. Nevaz has a very low spawn rate, but if he does spawn, he is guaranteed to drop The Que-Hegan's Will for every player in the party.

As it is a Normal item, it can be traded among players once acquired.



The Que-Hegan's Will

  • 7.7 Damage Per Second
4-7 Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second

Khalim, the Que-Hegan of Travincal, was incorruptible, and his spirit will never rest until the Lord of Terror is vanquished for all time.

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