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The Precious Ores is an event in Act I of Diablo III. It is given by Tashun the Miner, found at the start of the Lost Mine Level 2. It is sometimes offered as a bounty.


The Lost Mine is a random dungeon found in the center of the Fields of Misery. Tashun asks The Nephalem to find a Vein of Metals and a Pure Gemstone. The most common monsters in the cave are Plague Carriers. Both mineral deposits must be clicked to accomplish the objective, although no channeling time is required. When the second deposit is activated, a pack of Burrowing Leapers led by Shanabi will attack.

Once the ambush is defeated, speaking with Tashun will complete the event, and he will offer his services buying, selling, and repairing items.


  • Bounty: Enter the Lost Mine
  • Bounty: Enter the Lost Mine Level 2
  • Bounty: Help Tashun the Miner find ores
  • Find the Vein of Metals
  • Find the Pure Gemstone
  • Kill the Burrowing Leapers
  • Speak with Tashun