The Pit
Act Act I
Quests None
Levels 2
Monsters Devilkin, Devilkin Shaman, Dark Stalker, Dark Archer, Bone Warrior
Adjacent Zones Tamoe Highlands
Area Level Normal 7
Area Level Nightmare 39, 40
Area Level Hell 85
Waypoint No

The Pit is a dungeon in the Tamoe Highlands. There is no waypoint for this place, so the easiest way to get there is to take the Outer Cloister waypoint and make your way from there to the Highlands.

The Pit consists of two levels - Level 1, and Level 2. On level 2 of The Pit there is a golden chest (drops many items). The Pit is a very popular location for Magic Finding, because it is one of the few locations that have the highest area level in the game (85 in Hell). It is a highly popular level 85 area, as it is relatively accessible from a nearby waypoint (Outer Cloister or Black Marsh being the closest), and is relatively safe--allowing players to sacrifice killing power and survivability for the sake of donning more magic find gear.

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