The Palace Cellar
Act Act II
Quests Arcane Sanctuary
Levels 3
Monsters Horror Archer, Horror Mage, Dune Beast, Blunderbore, Invader
Adjacent Zones Harem, Arcane Sanctuary
Area Level Normal 13
Area Level Nightmare 47, 47, 48
Area Level Hell 78
Waypoint Yes

Invaders attack a Necromancer in the Palace Cellars

The Palace Cellar is located beneath Jerhyn's Palace and below the two levels of the Harem. There are three levels of the Palace Cellar. Apparently it was used to store wine, rare foods, and other luxury goods. Moreover, its purpose was also possibly to safeguard the rulers of the region and the regional treasures should an invasion have befall Lut Gholein. It's also possible that the Cellar was part of the foundation of the ancient Vizjerei fortress that once occupied the site of Lut Gholein.

On the lowest level of the Cellar an ancient portal can be found, leading into the mythical Arcane Sanctuary. The portal is guarded by a Super Unique Monster, Fire Eye. Though the gateway usually remains dormant, recently the portal was opened by a crazed sorcerer. This allowed hordes of demons previously imprisoned inside the Sanctuary to spill into the Palace and slaughter the Harem girls in the Harem above the cellars. There's a waypoint hidden on the first level of the cellars.

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