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The Lord of the Hill is an Event in Act V of Diablo III that takes place in the Paths of the Drowned. A bounty is sometimes offered to complete it.

A large square "hill" - actually the ruins of a stone platform - rises up from the swamp. It is shaped into two terraces below a flat hilltop, forcing would-be climbers to snake their way back and forth along the terraces before reaching the summit. Boggits, Bogan Trappers and Towers, and a Maggot Brood or two infest the way up. Urgrek the Bodger, a unique Tusked Bogan, can be glimpsed on each terrace before leaping further up the hill as The Nephalem approaches. Finally he is caught at the top, where more Boggits stream out of their huts to assist him during the fight. Defeating him completes the event.

When this event is not present in a game session, The Cursed Peat event may take place on the same stone hill instead.


  • Bounty: Overthrow the lord of Bog Hill
  • Reach the top of the hill
  • Kill Urgrek the Bodger