The Larder
235px-The Larder
Act Act III
Quests The Breached Keep
Monsters Ghom
Adjacent Zones The Keep Depths

The Larder is the food storage area of Bastion's Keep.


The Larder is a zone found just past The Keep Depths Level 3 in Act III of Diablo III. This is where the player will encounter Ghom. While other demons attacked through the Breach, Ghom stopped here to oversee the operation (and to have a quick meal); following Ghom's death, the entire food supply of the Keep has been poisoned.

The zone consists of a small corridor, past which there is a gate. Immediately after a player enters it, it is shut behind them, and Ghom is ready to 'greet' the player(s).

The Larder is square in shape, with four pillars in the center. There are no other obstacles. The only object of interest is a half-eaten guard in the eastern corner, which drops a bit of gold and Ghom's Log.

A darker version of the Larder exists to fight Uber Ghom and Uber Rakanoth, named the Realm of Discord.

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