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The King's Journal is a two-part tome found in Act V of Diablo III, written by King Justinian IV. Obtaining the journal will add to the People Finder achievement.

They read as follows:

Part 1[]

Part 1 is given to the player by Severin in the Contested Villa upon completion of The Rebellious Rabble event. It reads as follows:

I am so weary. Why did you have to die, brother? I was never meant to be king. The nobles threaten revolt to bend me to their will. They will abandon me if I don't keep the peasants in their place. My position is hopeless.

Part 2[]

Part 2 is looted from Justinian's body in Clyfton Hall upon completion of The True Son of the Wolf event. It reads as follows:

I have come to realize my personal feelings are of no consequence. My people are dying, and they need their king. Our resistance starts today - and Lord Wynton, of all people, has provided the means. These reapers shall not have Westmarch! I swear my life on it!