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The Imprisoned Angel is the ninth quest of Act I of Diablo III.




  • Class
    • Necromancer: Peace will some soon. Have they brought in a new prisoner?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: I see.
  • Queen Asylla: I am Asylla — once queen to our beloved Leoric. My servants and I were consumed by his madness. Now I give you my blessing, champion, to release my people from their eternal torment.
  • Prisoner: The guards have seen to never release me from this torment.
  • Prisoner: Freedom! After so long. Freedom!
  • Warden: My guards! There is someone amongst us. Deal with him/her...harshly!
  • Queen Asylla: Thank you, champion. My servants are now free, but the curse over this place remains. Seek the Warden at the dungeon's center, and end his evil forever.
  • Warden: Am I alone in here? Or do I have to do it myself? Hmm...so be it. Face me!
  • Follower
    • Templar: The right to wear a crown is granted by the Light. It requires the darkness of a corrupted heart to lose it.
  • Lazarus: My lord, the prisoner is ready, as you requested.
  • King Leoric: Thank you, Lazarus. Your loyalty is invaluable in the midst of all these traitors. And you, my dear, my own wife and queen, conspiring against our kingdom...
  • Queen Asylla: My love, I swear I have never betrayed you...
  • Lazarus: Lies until the very end.
  • Follower
    • Templar: A grim end to a noble woman. I am proud to have played my part in Leoric's fall.
  • The Butcher: Fresh meat!
  • The Butcher: Vegetable, bad! Meat, good!
  • The Stranger: I am dying...
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Take up your sword.
  • The Stranger: My sword...
  • Tyrael: I remember now. I was an archangel of the High Heavens!! I was the embodiment of Justice! I was...I am– Tyrael![1]

Townsfolk Dialogue[]

  • Haedrig Eamon: I can tell by the look in your eye that you're not going to leave it alone. You want to hear what happened to my father.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Yes.
  • Haedrig Eamon: Right, well...my father tried to dispel the rumors about my grandfather. No one would listen. Then one night, a week later, crazed refugees from Tristram came for revenge. I remember my father screaming for us to get out. And nasty laughter...a lot of it. Just before Justus shoved me out the window, I saw my father crawling up the stairs at me with two daggers in his back and a third whipping around his throat.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: He met his end bravely.
  • Haedrig Eamon: Doesn't mean much to a child, does it? His father’s still dead on a stairwell.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: How did you become a thief?
  • Scoundrel: That's a long and terrible story that y-you wouldn’t want to hear.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: I doubt that. Greed is a simple emotion.
  • Scoundrel: Basically
  • Class
    • Necromancer: You should set more reasonable goals for your acquisitions.
  • Scoundrel: Oh, there was nothing reasonable about her.
  • Scoundrel: Do you ever doubt your choices?
  • Class
    • Necromancer: No.
  • Scoundrel: Things never seem to turn out like I hope they will.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: Trust in logic, not hope.
  • Scoundrel: Try living in the slums before you lecture me.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: I have lived a stranger life than you know, Lyndon.
  • Villager: I hear the town's saved. We can go outside again!
  • Villager #2: And yet you still sit here.
  • Villager: Well...there’s fresh air and sober people out there.
  • Villager: A fond farewell to our saviors!
  • Villager #2: Good-bye! Good luck in Caldeum! Take care of our Leah!
  • Guard: There he/she goes!
  • Guard #2: We have more new volunteers than we can deal with, and it's all thanks to you. Be careful out there![1]

Quest Journal[]

  • Part 1
    • Barbarian: The Coven has dragged the angel into Leoric's abandoned torture chambers beneath the manor. I will make them pay for their actions.
    • Crusader: The Coven's taken the angel below, to Leoric's torture chambers. That doesn't sound pleasant at all.
    • Demon Hunter: The cultists have kidnapped many villagers and taken them here to be tortured. Their suffering fuels the dark spells that the Coven uses against me... but not for long. One of the victims has seen the Stranger being dragged into Leoric’s old dungeons below. I must save him before it is too late.
    • Monk: I descend into the darkness of the Mad King’s torture chambers beneath the manor. The Coven holds the angel there, and Maghda and her cultists think themselves safe. Nowhere is beyond the reach of the gods.
    • Necromancer: They are torturing the angel, and he was weak even back at New Tristram...If I cannot reach him soon, Leah may have another death to mourn.
    • Wizard: The angel has been dragged into King Leoric's old torture chambers below the manor house. Who knows what horrors await him there?
  • Part 2
    • Barbarian: I have seen men butchered in battle, falling to their knees in a sea of corpses, screaming and crawling at red stumps. The sight of this dark place is worse. The walls are smeared with gore, some of it fresh. The cultists have been busy.
    • Crusader: Battle is grisly work, one that requires a strong stomach. But torturing the helpless is not the work of the strong. All who hurt those weaker than themselves will answer to me.
    • Demon Hunter: Leoric’s torture chambers are revolting. I can only imagine what the Mad King did here... and what the Stranger must be going through now. Cain believed him to be an angel, but surely an angel could have defeated those cultists. I must ensure that he survives this place.
    • Monk: How many innocents have perished here? How many suffered at the whim of a mad king? Two decades later, the Stranger suffers the same, but at the hands of a new tormentor.
    • Necromancer: These halls have not improved with age. Whatever madness King Leoric conducted here has been outdone by Maghda and her cultists. The forces of darkness have been festering for too long in the forgotten places of the world.
    • Wizard: These dark corridors are painted with the dried blood of Leoric's subjects. His madness cost this land everything, even its sanity. And now the Coven has taken over these cursed halls, the cultists' vile works echoing those of Leoric's tortures.
  • Part 3
    • Barbarian: The ghost of Leoric's queen and her servants are trapped here. I will do what I can to help them and punish those who have tormented them.
    • Crusader: The ghost of Leoric's queen and her servants are trapped here. I will help them as I can.
    • Demon Hunter: Queen Asylla was executed by her own husband two decades ago. Her spirit has lingered since then, bound to the place where she met her unjust end. Maybe I can aid her in some way.
    • Monk: The spirit of Leoric’s queen haunts these halls, lingering in torment after the injustice done to her. If I can help her, perhaps I can set her spirit free.
    • Necromancer: These spirits are tormented by their past suffering, which has made them unable to move forward in the Cycle. But each one I can aid will help restore the Balance in these desolate lands.
    • Wizard: Everyone suffered during Leoric's mad reign, even his beloved wife. Legend says that he ordered Queen Asylla beheaded for treason. Her spirit stands before me, cradling her head in her arms. It should be terrifying, but there is such sadness about her. I will bring her peace.
  • Part 4
    • Barbarian: The queen begs me to free her ghostly subjects chained to this world by evil spirits. I will do so gladly.
    • Demon Hunter: Queen Asylla has given me the means to release Leoric’s prisoners from their eternal suffering. It will please me to give them the peace they deserve.
    • Crusader: The prisoners are free. Now I'll have a word with their captor.
    • Monk: The queen asks me to free the spirits of those, like her, trapped within these cells. I will do it gladly.
    • Wizard: Long ago Leoric held his subjects captive in these wretched cells, where they experienced unspeakable torture. It falls to me to release their spirits from the bonds that have kept them here all these years.
  • Part 5
    • Barbarian: Now that I have released these forgotten prisoners, I shall make their captor pay.
    • Demon Hunter: It seems the Warden didn’t take very kindly to my freeing his prisoners. I think it’s time to bring his long watch over these cells to an end.
    • Monk: The Warden comes. Another test of my fighting spirit.
    • Necromancer: The Warden’s spirit remains here as well, as though he could never fully accept what he had done to these prisoners...
    • Wizard: The spirits are free, and the queen will soon be at peace. Now, I must destroy the Warden, who trapped them here in death as well as life.
  • Part 5
    • Barbarian: The way is open once more. I will free the angel. Nothing will stop me now.
    • Crusader: The way to the angel is open.
    • Demon Hunter: It is rewarding to have undone some of King Leoric’s evil, but I must continue searching for the Stranger. He will not last long down here, surrounded by cultists...
    • Monk: The Stranger is here somewhere. I hope that he has strength enough to hold out until I can come to his aid. It will not be long.
    • Necromancer: The Balance has shifted, but there is still great darkness here. What more must I face before I find the angel?
    • Wizard: The gate to the lower halls has opened, and time is running short. I can feel the waves of dark magic being used to torment the angel. He cannot last much longer.
  • Part 6
    • Barbarian: The Butcher will feast on raw flesh no longer. I regret only that Maghda fled before I could show her to the grave as well. I must continue and free the angel from his captors.
    • Crusader: Maghda escaped, but at least the Butcher is no longer a threat. Now I must find the angel.
    • Demon Hunter: Maghda persists in throwing her minions against me rather than facing me herself. The Butcher was a formidable demon, but I have fought too long and too hard to be bested by the likes of him. I wonder if Josen, the master hunter who trained me, would be proud if he knew what I have accomplished here. It is not important now, of course. I must find the Stranger.
    • Monk: The Butcher was one of the most powerful creatures I have ever faced, but in the end he was no match for a champion of the gods. Maghda has fled, but I will find her another day. Where is the Stranger?
    • Necromancer: Maghda must be getting desperate to summon such demons against me. Not that it did her much good in the end. I am closer than ever to the angel, and I can sense that he still lives.
    • Wizard: The disgusting Butcher demon was quite the challenge, but he now lies as dead as one of the raw pieces of meat he liked to feast upon. With him out of my way, I have only to find where the Coven is holding the angel.


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