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For the tome of the same name, see Horadric Bestiary.

Horadric Bestiary is the fourth Dark Wood quest obtained in Diablo Immortal. It occurs immediately after the Bloodsworn Den quest, and leads directly on to the Gathering the Reagents quest.


Lakrii, the Bloodsworn's leader, escaped. Make your way to the rogue battle camp and report to Commander Kashya.

With Liene's assistance, the rogue battle camp should be easy enough to locate. Now, to find Kashya and deliver your report.

After a long journey, the high priestess, Akara, awaits at the nearby campfire. Consult her about the Dark Wood and the Worldstone shard hidden herein.

Akara's gift, the Horadric Bestiary, rests upon an altar. Open the tome and discover its ancient wisdom.

With the tome now in your possession, Akara waits for your return near the Horadric Altar.

The prisoner you rescued from the Bloodsworn's den is recuperating nearby. What reason could bring a druid across the world to the Dark Wood?



  • Class: You there, where is Kashya?
  • Isolde: Oh, she left for the battlecamp a while ago. Had a druid in tow. Bleeding everywhere, that one was. Hopefully the priestess can seal his wounds.
  • Isolde: Head east through the woods to find the camp, but be careful. Demons plague this forest.
  • Liene: Th-thank you for your help. The fallen have grown much more aggressive as of late. Kashya asked me to wait for you...I'm glad you came along when you did. I'm Liene, by the way.
  • Class: You're welcome, Liene. Do you know where I can find the battlecamp of the sisterhood?
  • Liene: It's not far! Keep going down this road and you'll find Kashya inside the camp. Oh, and maybe you can kill a few more fallen on the way. That would really help us out.
  • Rogue: Demons at the gates!
  • Rogue: Do not fear. The Great Eye is with us.
  • Kashya: Ah, you've returned! I trust you bring news of victory?
  • Kashya: I see. Still, you've done well. This was never truly your fight, outlander. If I remember, you came to this land in search of Akara, yes? It is time the two of you met.
  • Kashya: Go to her, and show respect. She may be the High Priestess of the Sisters of the Sightless Eye, but she is also like a mother to me. And don't fret about Lakrii. My rogues and I will handle her.
  • Class: Priestess Akara? It is an honor. I come on behalf of Elder Cain. He believes you can help us find a Worldstone shard hidden somewhere in these woods.
  • Akara: A shard of the Worldstone? Interesting. That certainly could be the source of our troubles... It seems the Great Eye has aligned our goals, my friend.
  • Akara: As you have undoubtedly seen, the Dark Wood suffers at the hands of the Bloodsworn. Their leader, Lakrii, was once part of the Sisterhood...until her heart was broken. She rejected us and found someone else to accept her.
  • Akara: A Worldstone shard could be the source of their new power. And if that is the case, you will need all the assistance I can offer.
  • Akara: Years ago, Deckard Cain left me with a gift: a tome of Horadric origin. In truth, its strange magics were never meant for me. How fitting that he has sent you here to complete the circle.
  • Akara: Onn your way here, you killed several of those "fallen" demons, did you not? Their essence swirls about you. Mm. Yes, the tome is surely meant for you.
  • Akara: Follow me, if you would.
  • Akara: Inspect the tome placed upon the altar. Let it reveal its secrets to you.
  • Akara: It is as I suspected. The magic of the Horadric Bestiary responds to you. As you defeat the monsters of this world, their essence wil provide you both strength and knowledge. When you have collected enough essence, bring the tome to one of these altars and you will be greatly rewarded.
  • Akara: Now then, we must return to the task at hand. If you are to find your Worldstone shard, you will need help. Thankfully, we are not alone in this endeavor. Let us speak with your wounded friend.
  • Hemlir: Ah you're back... hah! Good, good. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier while I was choking to death in those vines. My name is Hemlir and I—well, I suppose I owe you my life, don't I?
  • Class: It was the least I could do. Still, I am curious, what brought you here? Dark Wood is quite a distance from your homeland, is it not?
  • Hemlir: Aye, it is. And how I miss Túr Dúlra. But, the corruption of nature in these lands cannot be ignored. I came her to commune with the great tree, Inifuss, and it was there I was captured.
  • Hemlir: The dead tree teems with old magic. The bark whispered to me of a way to cleanse this corruption. Unfortunately, the ritual is complicated and I lack the strength to gather the resources. Hm, but perhaps you can help here.
  • Hemlir: Now, the spider's eye and the thorn should be simple. Both can be found to the north. But the branch, well...the oldest trees here are where fallen make camp. Maybe start with the other two, eh?


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Isolde's role in the quest was originally taken by Flavie in the game's beta.
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