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The Guardian (often addressed to as simply Guardian) was a sorcerer who led the Guardian Brotherhood.


The Guardian was quite enigmatic, and believed that the world would turn upon mages one day, so he prepared for that in advance.[1] He fashioned a helmet to protect his mind from those who would try to subvert it.[2]. He also founded a brotherhood to assist him in his plans.[3]

Later, their fortress was assaulted by demons. Demon Troopers who survived the assault carry the emblems of those they have killed.[4]


The Guardian is the namesake of the Guardian's Contingency/Guardian's Jeopardy item sets in Diablo III.


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  • The Guardian's traits and biography appear to be a reference to Magneto from X-Men; the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, who was convinced that mankind would one day turn on mutants, and also had a helmet crafted to protect his mind from telepaths (particularly from Professor X).