The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star is the very first quest in Diablo III. The quest is given upon first starting the game, and has the player's character investigating a fallen star that has landed near the old town of New Tristram, with the dead rising in its wake.


The Dead at the Gates Edit

You start out at the outskirts of New Tristram. As you approach, you will encounter Risen Dead feasting upon dead villagers. Kill them and make your way toward the gates. There, you will meet Captain Rumford, who is fighting with his men against more Risen Dead. After fighting them off, speak to him. He will tell you that the star fell on the old Tristram Cathedral, and that there was only one survivor, a girl named Leah. After that, you must help Rumford fight off an onslaught of more Risen Dead that rise from the ground to attack the gates. Once both waves of the Risen Dead have been re-killed, Rumford will direct you to the Slaughtered Calf Inn, where you will find Leah.

The Slaughtered Calf Inn Edit

Enter New Tristram and head for the Slaughtered Calf Inn. Leah will be there tending to a group of wounded survivors. Talk to her, and she will tell you that she survived the fallen star, but that it blasted her uncle Deckard Cain into the depths of the old cathedral, and that she wanted to search for him but the dead were already rising. You will then have to kill the survivors, who turn into more Risen Dead. After killing the Risen, speak to her again, and she will direct you back to Captain Rumford at the gate.

The Wretched Mothers Edit

Head back to the gate and talk to Captain Rumford. He will tell you to strike at the Wretched Mothers and their queen, who are vomiting out the Risen Dead that are attacking the town. You will have to help Rumford fight off another assault upon the barricade to the north, until one of the Wretched Mothers falls. He will then direct you to kill more of them in the ruins down the road. Head down the road and kill every Risen Dead, Quill Fiend and Wretched Mother you find until you reach the ruins of Old Tristram.

Old Tristram Edit

Upon reaching Old Tristram, continue killing Risen Dead and Quill Fiends until you find the Wretched Queen, the first elite monster you are likely to face in the game. She behaves quite similarly to the Wretched Mothers, and should go down with ease no matter what kind of character you are using. Once the Wretched Queen is dead, activate your first Waypoint located to the upper right of the map near the gates in order to return to New Tristram.

Once you make it back to town, speak with Captain Rumford. He will tell you to talk some sense into Leah, who won't give up the idea of rescuing her uncle. Your character will tell him that she shouldn't and that they will help her find him. This will end the quest. Speak to Leah to begin the next quest, The Legacy of Cain.



  • Class
    • Necromancer: "I am near the fallen star… and the dead it raised.
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "I have come to aid these lands. Where is the fallen star?"
  • Guard: "Captain Rumford, more dead are coming!"
  • Captain Rumford: "We can’t open the gates until we drive them back!"
  • Captain Rumford: "I've never seen anyone fight like that before! Guards, open the gates! You’ll find Leah at the Slaughtered Calf Inn."
  • Captain Rumford: "Burn those corpses before they rise again!"
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "Are you Leah? Did you survive the fallen star?"
  • Leah: "I did. But it blasted my uncle, Deckard Cain, into the depths of the old cathedral. I tried to search for him, but the dead were already rising. I came back here to rally the militia, but th– watch out, the wounded are turning!"
  • Bartender: "This is killing business."
  • Leah: "This will overwhelm us."
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "Yes. That is why I am here."
  • Leah: "Thank you. You should speak with Captain Rumford at the gate. He can tell you what to do."
  • Guard: "I promised Marko I'd protect him, and now he’s dead."
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "I will bring peace to the risen dead."
  • Captain Rumford: "I admire your courage, but Captain Daltyn and the militia were slaughtered by those things. Only I survived."
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "I have experience in these matters."
  • Captain Rumford: "Well, I have seen you fight...Strike at the wretched mothers and their queen. They’re the ones vomiting out these horrors."
  • Captain Rumford: "There, that’s one of the wretched mothers! There are more of them in the ruins down the road."
  • Follower
    • Templar: "I do not understand how evil walks in the day. Should it not fear the light?"
  • Follower
    • Templar: "Well, this is a dismal sight..."
  • Follower
    • Templar: "This village surrendered to evil and paid the price. These creatures won’t go down easily!"
  • Captain Rumford: "Thank you for your help. But, could you talk some sense into Leah? She won't give up on the idea of rescuing her uncle."
  • Class
    • Necromancer: "Interesting. If he lives, his knowledge could prove useful."

Journal EntriesEdit

  • Wretched Mother: "I, Deckard Cain, have spent many years traveling and writing about the strange creatures in our world, but the sight of the wretched mothers still haunts me. They are the remnants of Queen Asylla's slaughtered handmaidens, who were twisted by foul magic. Now they feast upon cadavers and regurgitate them as newly formed risen dead."
  • Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 1: "We have come at last to Tristram’s old cathedral. This is where Diablo, lord of terror, first corrupted mankind. This is where I may finally find the answers I seek. Leah worries after my safety, but I believe information vital to defeating the last lords of the Burning Hells can be found here."

Townsfolk DialogueEdit

  • Townsfolk 1: "Sixteen militiamen went out. Only Rumford came back. Akarat help us."
  • Townsfolk 2: "We never should have built on this cursed ground. Maybe Cain was right — even in death, Diablo torments us."
  • Tristram Militia: "The dead have been a bane on our existence since that cursed fire fell. We have to burn them just to make sure they don’t rise from the grave."
  • Tristram Militia: "Not too much, I'm afraid. They came here almost a year ago. She split her time between looking after him and helping out the town. He spent his days in the old cathedral, looking for old texts, from what I hear. They were inside when that thing hit. She’s lucky to be alive." (when asked about Leah and Cain)
  • Traveling Scholar: "I came here to study the fall of Old Tristram. This is closer to the town’s history than I want to be!"
  • Tashun the Miner: "I worked my hands to the bone to bring you these fine goods."
  • Townsfolk 3: "Don't you dare lift a finger to help our mayor fix his wagon. My brother died defending this town while that bloated coward tried to run away!"
  • Townsfolk 3: "The dead rising from their graves! This must be the end of the world!"
  • Villager 1: "Tristram used to be such a wonderful place to live. My family has been here since the town grew out of the ruins of Old Tristram. But’s horrible. The loved ones we’ve buried and grieved over now threaten our lives."
  • Villager 2: "Have you come to help us? The other adventurers who came through here didn’t look so deadly."
  • Villager 3: "I don't care what anyone says — that thing that fell from the sky was no rock. A rock doesn't cause the dead to leave their graves!"
  • Bron the Barkeep: "Bring me whatever treasures you have no use for. I’ll give you a bit of coin to save up for your casket."
  • Bron the Barkeep: "As you can see, business is atrocious. It must be the end times if people won’t even drown their sorrows in drink."
  • Leah: "For a long time, Uncle Deckard avoided coming back to this place. There were a lot of ghosts here for him. This is where Diablo drove old King Leoric mad and terrorized the people. I don’t know what really happened here, but whatever it was, it was horrible. Nearly everyone who survived went mad."
  • Townsfolk 4: "I heard you helped out at the gate. Pretty brave. Or foolish."
  • Townsfolk 4: "After King Leoric went mad, no one lived in these parts for a long time. Then adventurers were lured here by tales of riches to be found inside the old cathedral. New Tristram started when some traveling merchants decided to set down here to sell to the adventurers. It grew quickly...Lot of good farming in these parts. Well, before all of this started.""'
  • Villager 4: "So I turned around, and there she was — my wife! Back from the dead! Old Rumford put an axe in her head before she could eat me, but still, it was a touching moment."
  • Villager 5: "It's a shame that bard got himself eaten. I could do with some music right now."
  • Villager 6: "The gates might fall at any second, and you want a pretty song?"
  • Villager 5: "Can you think of a better time?"
  • Captain Rumford: "When Leah told us the dead were pouring out of the cathedral, we quickly went to put an end to it. At first it seemed we were succeeding, but th-but they just kept coming. We– well, we were overcome. Captain Daltyn and the men fought valiantly. They protected me. I am no soldier. I am– I was a farmer. I should not have been out there with them. I do not know how I made it back here. None of the others did. And now, somehow I’m supposed to lead the militia."
  • Captain Rumford: "I volunteered to help because it seemed the right thing to do. But I’m no leader of men."
  • Captain Rumford: "That's a simple thing for you to say. You were born to fight monsters like the risen dead. Me, I’m just a farmer."
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