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The Destiny of the Nephalem is a three-part tome found in Act IV of Diablo III, obtained from Angiris Repositories in Silver Spire or Great Span.

It is a part of Archival Studies achievement.

The parts read as follows:

  1. My scroll has shown me many things: beginnings, ends, and the endless chains of circumstance that bind them. I see no sunrise without seeing its sunset, no budding flower without its wilted ruin, no event without its appropriate and inevitable consequence. But there is one thing I cannot see: the nephalem. — Archangel Itherael
  2. Angels and demons are bound to their natures. Demons are given to chaos and deceit; angels to truth and order. That much is known. Some angels, like Inarius and Izual, have fallen, but the seed of goodness remains within them like a fading star in the lonely night. The nephalem alone have choice. — Archangel Itherael
  3. I know nothing of nephalem. My duties leave me no time to watch them, and I have no desire to follow Tyrael on his troubled path. But if the threads of fate should bring them here, how enlightening it would be! These creatures dwell outside the order... They cannot fathom the freedom they possess. — Archangel Itherael