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The Cursed Mill is an major, wave-based Cursed Chest event in Diablo III. It takes place in the Fields of Misery or at The Old Mill within Act I. A bounty may be offered to complete it; the bounty is marked at the waypoint for the Fields of Misery, but the Drowned Temple waypoint is usually closer.

This event was formerly a Cursed Shrine, but like all other Cursed Shrines was patched to be a Cursed Chest instead.


  • Inspect the Cursed Chest
  • Defeat 5 waves of enemies
  • Bonus: Defeat all 5 waves within the time limit

Dark Cultists appear in every wave. Dark Berserkers appear starting with the third wave. Dark Summoners appear in the final wave.


  • This event has been available since the introduction of Cursed events in Patch 2.0.1.
  • This event is part of the achievement Cursebreaker of Tristram.