The Crypt
Act Act I
Quests None
Levels 1
Monsters Skeleton, Hungry Dead
Adjacent Zones Burial Grounds
Area Level Normal 3
Area Level Nightmare 37
Area Level Hell 83
Waypoint No
Crypt Act I Diablo 2

The entrance to the Crypt

The Crypt is one of the two optional areas in the Burial Grounds, the other being the Mausoleum. The player has the option of exploring it after completing the Blood Raven Quest.

The Crypt is worth exploring because of the items and experience gained. That is due to the fact that the Crypt, along with the Mausoleum, have a comparatively higher Area Level than the other areas at this stage of the game. This is also exemplified by the fact that there is a Golden Chest within the Crypt that is guarded by a Super Unique Skeleton, Bonebreaker.

As of patch 1.14d, there is also a Super Unique Hungry Dead, Devil Shifter.

Devil Shifter, being taken out by rogue mercenary in The Crypt.

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