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For the identically titled work by King Leoric, see The Craft of War (Leoric).

The Craft of War is a piece of writing by Diadra, pertaining to various weapons and their designers.


  • This crossbow is a miracle of mechanical innovation, though its builder remains unknown. In addition to firing ordinary quarrels, the Helltrapper may also fire specialized ammunition delivering caltrops, explosive spiked mines, and even self-expanding turrets.[1]
  • This satchel is cleverly designed so that the heads of arrows placed within fit into slots that serve as whetstones, sharpening the edges whenever an arrow is inserted or removed. Cirri's artistry remained unrecognized in his lifetime, so that only this quiver, numbered nine on the interior, survived to the present.[2]
  • Emimei was rumored to be the offspring of the famed fletcher Cirri. Possibly even more talented than her father, she discovered a way to integrate a superior ignition system into demon hunter bola weapons. Exert enough pressure on a bola's spike and the explosive charge within triggers, causing the bola to detonate upon impact with a target.[3]